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Secrets Of Imagination Diet Revealed

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Here is something for all of you who want to lose weight but cannot diet. Maybe an imagination diet can do wonders for you.

Never heard of imagination diet? Picture this: you are really hungry and you imagine yourself eating your favourite lip smacking, delicious delicacy and actually feel full. Do you think this will work? Can you feel fuller just by imagining? Will eating this way, help you to lose weight?

To answer all the above questions, a research was conducted with two groups of people. The first group was put on imagination diet whereby each person had to imagine himself eating a particular type of food, for e.g. M&M. The members of this group had to visualize themselves with a packet of M&M, then opening the packet and then picking and eating M&M one by one.

After this process, both the groups were given  a whole bowl of M&M and were asked to eat. The group on imagination diet could consume less than the ones on actual diet.


Did the imagination diet really made them full?

Yes, the process of imagining the intake of food, releases the chemical dopamine which causes the brain to think it is full and happy.  Or to put in simpler words, when we imagine eating something, after few bites we become habituated to it and thus when the actual food comes, we tend to eat less. It is very similar to what actually happens with our favorite food. When the dish of our choice comes, we really relish the first few bites, but get habituated and then it tastes like daily food.

A person may lose weight by following the imagination diet. It can be used as a tool to control our cravings for a particular food. So, if you like burgers, you can just think about them before actually having them. The probability is when your burger really arrives, you do not feel that much urge and thus consume less, which also means less consumption of calories and hence weight control.

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Secrets Of Imagination Diet Revealed