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How Gwyneth Paltrow Broke Sugar Addiction

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Let’s see “how Gwyneth Paltrow broke sugar addiction?” We all are familiar with Gwyneth Paltrow and her movie life, Gwyneth Paltrow and her private life, as well Gwyneth Paltrow and her social engagements, but most of us are ignorant about Gwyneth Paltrow and her sugar addiction. Gwyneth Paltrow broke sugar addiction by denouncingsuga r and sugar products in favor of the 100 % cold turkey. Gwyneth Paltrow broke her sugar addiction after understanding the underlying effects of the sugar and sugar products that she consumed.


Gwyneth recounted about her tryst with sugar addiction in a mail to her friend. Gwyneth Paltrow broke sugar addiction by staying away from it for four weeks. She exclaims that those four weeks  were horrifying because most of the time she behaved like an addict. She says that she grew grouchy, tired, ill-tempered, and shaky because her thoughts revolved around a big bowl of brownies (delicious brownies).  But at the end of 4 weeks Gwyneth Paltrow broke sugar addiction by finally getting over the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. She stepped back and analyzed how a sugar addiction has impacted her life. Gwyneth never overloaded herself with any forms of sugar but she agrees that like a chain smoker, she had her quick fix every few hours and never bothered how small portion it was.


Gwyneth has highlighted the issue which is often raised by some chefs and nutritionists around the world.  In her mail to the friend Gwyneth borrowed some words from Dr. Frank Lipman who recounted the  he spent 19 years  on breaking off the addicting sugar habit.  To understand how Gwyneth Paltrow broke sugar addiction you can access the full list at Goop, which also recounts the story of cocaine addicted rats, who chose sugar water over the cocaine water: Here are some prominent features from the Lipman’s list.


  • Eat Regularly:  Lipman suggests that you should have three meals or two small snack meals in a day or to say five small meals in a day.  Lipman says that there are many people out there who recoil from eating food, but their blood sugar levels drop, which increases their cravings for sweet sugary snacks.


  • Choose Whole Foods:  Lipman says that whole foods have less processed sugar than others.  He says that the foods that occur in natural form such as vegetables and the fruits will not lead to any metabolic congestion even if consumed in huge amounts.


  • Nutrition supplements: You should take good quality multivitamin and mineral supplements to keep yourself fit.   You should take nutrition supplements which are rich in Vitamin D3 and omega 3 fatty acids. Lipman says that nutrition deficiencies worsen the cravings.  When you curb the nutrition deficiencies, gradually the cravings are also curbed. The nutrients like magnesium, chromium and Vitamin B3 improve the blood sugar control.


  • Protein + Fat with every meal: These help in curbing raised blood sugar levels.  But always take care that they are derived from healthy and reliable sources.


  • Avoid sugars that you take in disguise:  Most of us tend to consume carbohydrates like bread, pasta and bagels without realizing that they are source of sugars. Although they may not have complex form of carbs because they are refined, but they act like the sugars in the body.


The craving for sweet foods is induced in early ages, when we receive  sweets as the part of growing up.  The addiction normally builds up in the early ages, but we take care of it only when the addiction goes out of hand, and we strive to build up the healthy food habits with our efforts.


Hope this blog about how Gwyneth Paltrow broke sugar addiction inspires you to get over your deadly sugar habits. 


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How Gwyneth Paltrow Broke Sugar Addiction