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Diet Secrets Of Nicole Richie

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Do you dream about having a wafer thin waistline like Nicole Richie? Well, it may sound like a difficult task, but not an impossible one as I am going to tell you about the Diet Secrets Of Nicole Richie and hence her enviable skinny frame.

Portion Control Diet: Nicole’s basis for her daily diet choice is to eat whatever you choose to, but only in small amounts. The bonus is obviously that you don’t feel like you are depriving yourself of anything. But, while talking this diet, you must make sure you are getting proper nutrition, and not just eating junk food all day. Most people who follow portion control principles will eat a pretty healthy diet, most of the time, but then they will have a high fat food, or high calorie whenever they want, but just a smaller portion than served.

Juices: Nicole, more often than not goes on a complete juice diet to detoxify her body. She is said to believe that the juice diet, cleans her system and helps her body get rid of toxins. This is another secret of Nicole Richie Diet plan.

Healthy Balanced Meal: Among other food habits of Nicole Richie, eating a balanced diet is one. Balanced diet is to consume foods from the following three categories; protein, carbohydrates, and fat at every meal, properly balanced. A balanced diet typically ensures that the proper portions of every food group are eaten, and no junk foods are eaten in excess. That is sure to help with rapid weight loss but a balanced diet is also considered a healthy lifestyle change

Nicole also takes some form of vitamin supplement such asVitamin B-12 and is said to have stated that “is a great pick-me-up, when used in moderation”

So now having learnt some diet secrets of Nicole are you all set to follow them? Well, my advice is that instead of blindly following them, you must consult a nutritionist on the diet plan that will suit you.

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Diet Secrets Of Nicole Richie