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How To Use Panko Crumbs In Your Daily Diet

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Panko is the Japanese work meaning bread crumbs. Pankos are Japanese versions of our usual bread crumbs and tend to be lighter, crunchier, and crispier and I will guide you onHow To Use Panko Crumbs In Your Daily Diet.

Pankos are bigger than the usual bread crumbs and add flavor and texture to many dishes There are two types of Pankos:

  • White Panko – this one is made just with the bread crusts
  • Tan Panko – made with whole loaf of bread, crust included

Panko can replace or substitute the normal bread crumbs in almost all the dishes. Since that are processed, that tend to add a lighter feel to the dish, while adding a good amount of crunchiness. Pankos soak a lot less oil than the normal crumbs and hence the food cooked is less greasy

  • Panko crumbs make a good topping for casseroles. Toss panko together with other ingredients, such as herbs, butter, cheese, salt onto the casserole before baking; this will be the lightest and crunchiest topping you would have had on a casserole
  • Use panko crumbs in your daily diet, while cooking food such as scalloped potatoes, lasagna, tuna noodle casserole or macaroni and cheese
  • While preparing foods which required crumbs for texture and binding, such as crab cakes, meatballs, or meatloaf, normal breadcrumbs can be substituted for panko crumbs. Since Panko does not compact like breadcrumbs the dishes will have lighter texture and will contain less oil. It has no flavor of its own and soaks up other flavors from seasonings
  • In you daily food, using panko crumbs is easy; just a simple tossing of panko, along with you usual ingredients, and some melted butter will result in a richly flavored, crunchy topping after baking
  • While making pork, crush panko along with garlic to get a delicious dish
  • Try panko to fry chicken, you will get crunchy and less oily chicken dish
  • These crumbs can be mixed into food items are quiche and seafood cakes, as  filler
  • To Coat fish with Panko, mix Panko with salt and pepper. Dip fillets of fish in milk and coat with panko mix
  • Panko is best for deep fried dishes such a cutlets, potato croquettes, and onion rings
  • Use Panko crumbs in tomato soups instead of crackers
  • Panko can be incorporated in daily diet as a salad seasoning. You could use diced tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, lettuce and some salad dressing.
  • Make panko seasoning using dried thyme, basil, powedered ginger, ground pepper, and chilli powder. Mix all of these in a bowl and store it for seasoning pork chops, chicken and other dishes

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How To Use Panko Crumbs In Your Daily Diet