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Greek Ionian Diet: Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

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The Greek Ionian diet could be considered as the best way to lose belly fat. The name of this diet came from the Ionian Islands, which are located in the Mediterranean Sea along the coast of Greece. The best thing about this diet is that you don’t have to crave for food. With this diet, you can eat as much as you want, provided you eat the right kind of food.


What Exactly Is Greek Ionian Diet?


The famous Greek physician, Dr. Fedon Lindbergm; is considered to be the father of this diet. That is why, this diet is also known as the Greek Doctor Diet. Being a specialist of obesity and hormonal disorder, he found the best possible way to control our appetite and to improve the metabolism process. This superb diet is based on the theory of controlling blood sugar level  in your body, which eventually controls your food craving and thus helps to ensure weight loss. It also encourages you to take regular meals in comparatively less amount every couple of hours.


According to the philosophy of this diet, one should eat foods having low glycemic index. As, the glycemic index is related to the amount of sugar present in the food, low glycemic index food will contain comparatively less amount of sugar. You can be on protein or on a carbohydrate diet; it does not matter as long as the food has low Gl index or low sugar level. The added advantage of low sugar foods is that these are not easily digested in our system as they have a complicated cellular construction. Thus, these foods will help you to control your food craving by feeling full for longer time. On the other hand, you have to spend more energy on digestion promoting high rate of metabolism.


The Greek Ionian diet encourages consuming foods rich in healthy natural fats, as these substances strengthen the immunity system and muscular performance. Foods like natural seeds and nuts, avocados, olives, olive oil etc are high in natural fat. Certain oily fish including sardines, salmon and mackerel are also considered in this respect. However, you have to control yourself from cheese, butter, alcohol and coffee. Cheese and butter, both are high calorie foods to delay the loss of weight; while the other two foods might indulge you in eating sugary foods.


The Greek Ionian diet not only ensures lose of belly fat, but also offers longer life by controlling various cardiac problems. Excessive blood sugar is harmful for the health of heart. So, with the control of the blood sugar level, you are automatically going to be safe from any type of heart disease.


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Greek Ionian Diet: Best Way To Lose Belly Fat