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How Effective Are Cinnamon Sticks For Weight Loss

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Cinnamon has always been used as a flavoring agent and is known to be associated with a number of medicinal properties. But how effective are cinnamon sticks for weight loss?  Can they reduce our weight at all or is it only a myth surrounding the aromatic spice? Let us check out a few basic facts on the efficacy of cinnamon sticks for weight loss first.


The most popular way of using cinnamon sticks for weight loss is preparing a drink made with cinnamon and honey. The mixture is supposed to block the storage of fat within our body cells thus helping us to stay fit. The proper measure of the ingredients is also considered to be vital if you are keen to intake cinnamon sticks for weight loss.


Mixing a measure of honey and half a measure of cinnamon sticks that have been crushed into water and boiling it is all that you have to do. The next step of using cinnamon sticks for weight loss involves straining the mixture carefully and drinking it twice a day. The timing is also important here. A cupful of cinnamon-honey tea in the morning before breakfast and another cup just before retiring for the night should be able to do the trick.


While the properties of cinnamon and honey are well known as weight reducing agents now, it is imperative to check how effective cinnamon sticks for weight loss are ultimately. It will certainly not help if you depend solely on the spicy stick for losing weight though. A proper balanced diet and exercise are equally important to maintain your body weight and prevention of fat too.


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How Effective Are Cinnamon Sticks For Weight Loss