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How To Get Oatmeal In Your Diet

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Being an ideal food for your heart and for your weight control; you must include oatmeal into your daily diet. If you are unsure about how to get oatmeal in your diet for a daily basis, here is the answer for you. Many people think that the only way to eat oats is to have it as porridge. However, that is not true; there are several means to add oatmeal to diet by which you can enjoy the multifold health benefits of this simple but useful food. Other than looking after your heart and maintaining your weight, this nutritious food also helps in reducing the bad LDL cholesterol, high blood pressure related to hypertension, atherosclerosis or the hardening of the arteries and type II diabetes. Oats have also been found useful for the patients having IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, as the carbohydrate part of this food works to control the symptoms of this problem. So, next time you go for the grocery, make sure to pick a pack of oatmeal into your shopping cart.


Various means to add oatmeal to diet

Oat Porridge – This is the most common way to eat oats in the breakfast, where the oats are boiled in water or milk until the grains get soft. Favorite condiments are added to this boiled oats to enhance the taste and flavor. You can add your choice of fruits into this porridge, in any form like diced, grated or pureed. You can eat it warm or can keep inside the refrigerator to get chilled before you eat.


Oat with Yoghurt – Oats mixed in plain or flavored yoghurt can be great to start a day. Use quick oats to mix with yoghurt along with the fruits or nuts and put it inside the refrigerator for overnight. This way, you can cut short the time for preparing breakfast in the morning.


Oat Waffles – Combine half part of instant oats to half part of flour. Use a blender to thoroughly blend the mixture using appropriate quantity of water. Use this batter to prepare the waffles.


Oat Pancakes – You can use the same waffle batter to prepare the pancakes on the pan. To get more benefit, you can make the pancake only with oat flour.


Oat Smoothies – Smoothies are hot favorite to many. Use instant oats to make the smoothies much healthier choice for the breakfast.


Oat Granola – Use your favorite fruits, nuts and seeds to blend with quick oats. Make a rectangular shape and then bake into the oven. Once ready, these can be kept in airtight container for later use.


Oat Cookies – Substitute part or full amount of all-purpose flour with oat flour to mix with nuts or butter or chocolate chips. Use other important cookie ingredients and then bake in your oven. Prepare cookies in a lot and store them in an airtight container.


Oat Cakes and Muffins – Similarly, use oat flour as one of the ingredient for preparing the batter. The added oat flour will give your cakes or muffins a different texture and flavor. It particularly tastes fabulous and works great for banana or carrot cakes.


Oat Crumbing – You can use oat crumbs instead of bread crumbs to coat the fish fillet, tofu or chicken wings for deep frying. The oat crumbing works perfect to make the fry crunchier and tastier.


Oat Meatloaf – Mix oats with any type of ground meat along with chopped onions, egg and juicy tomatoes. Season it properly and then bake inside the oven for at least an hour.


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How To Get Oatmeal In Your Diet