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Drink Pomegranate Juice To Combat Kidney Disease

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Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate is often called a “wonder fruit” owing to bevy of health benefits offered by it. A recent study urges you to drink pomegranate juice to combat kidney disease


A team of Israeli researchers lead by Dr.Batya Kristal, at Western Galilee Hospital, has found substantial evidence that pomegranate juice helps in curbing complications associated with dialysis, and strikes down the high death rates associated with infections following heart problems. Scientists say that pomegranate juice is enriched with high levels of antioxidants, which aids in neutralizing toxins in the body.


The “Daily Express” reports that the researchers proved their point by analyzing group of kidney patients who were administered placebo drink or pomegranate juice before their impending dialysis session.  The researchers found that the patients who were administered the pomegranate juice diet fared better than the other patients.


Pomegranates are valued for their assistance in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Pomegranate also promotes fertility. Several studies have proven that pomegranate juice is laced with powerful antioxidants that can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. The studies conducted on mice indicate that drinking this juice can inhibit the development of lung cancer. A U.S., Study group claimed that pomegranate juice can ward of serious ailments like prostate cancer. It is also believed that pomegranate juice can save you from cartilage deterioration, which leads to painful disease called osteoarthritis. It is believed that drinking pure pomegranate juice on  a regular basis can help you to combat Alzheimer's too. The pomegranate has Mediterranean origin, and it was not popular in U.S., until the time it was discovered that pomegranate is a wonder fruit and possesses anti-carcinogenic properties. Today Americans are believed to be largest consumers of pomegranate juice because they are always in search of 'super foods'. The health benefits of this juice have generated massive hysteria amongst fitness lovers who are turning to this popular beverage in large numbers.


Dr.Batya Kristal and his team are working towards unleashing the complete potential of pomegranate juice “considering the expected epidemic of chronic kidney disease in the next decade.”


In fact you can use pomegranate juice to colorize, flavorise and sweeten your food.


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Drink Pomegranate Juice To Combat Kidney Disease