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Eat Dark Chocolate If You Have High BP

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For an ardent chocolate lover like me, for whom any kind of chocolate is a key to just sheer bliss, life had been difficult, for all that we were told so long was “Avoid chocolates”. But, finally there’s a reason to celebrate, for studies have proved that now, you can eat dark chocolate if you have high BP.

Yes, recent scientific researches have proved that eating dark chocolates can lower high BP in quite a natural and effective way. According to a recent study in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), eating 30 calories worth of dark chocolate every day lowers your blood pressure by as much as three points in just 18 weeks. According to this study, dark chocolates include rich quantities of polyphenol, which improves the formation of the vasodilative oxide in our bodies, which in turn, reduces the blood pressure significantly.

A similar research done by the Yale-Griffith Prevention Research Center seconds this finding of JAMA. According to their research, consuming about 2.5 ounces of dark chocolate significantly reduces your blood pressure and improves the blood flow.

The main ingredient that makes dark chocolate a BP lowering agent is “cocoa”. Higher cocoa level means lesser sugars in dark chocolates, which itself is a healthy factor. But, more significantly, cocoa contains healthy antioxidants, which in turn help in better functioning of the heart and lowering the blood pressure level. The presence of cocoa in dark chocolates also inhibits the production of a certain enzyme in our bodies that increases the blood pressure level. At the same time, cocoa contains high levels of two important chemical compounds - catechins and procyanidines. Both these compounds work effectively on the blood pressure level and keep it under control.

Another independent experiment was performed successfully on ten men and six women, which showed interesting results. After taking their blood samples, a dose of 75 grams of dark chocolate was administered to these men and women. After waiting for about three hours, when a second sample of blood was taken, it was noticed that the levels of ACE (the blood pressure enzyme) was inhibited by up to 18%. Thus, it was exciting to know that dark chocolate worked as effectively as ACE drug inhibitors and perhaps had better results, for there were no side effects of medicinal drugs.

Thus, across the world, independent studies have proved that dark chocolate can lower high BP. This indeed is a great news to us, for not only it is a healthy way of lowering blood pressure, it also has no side effects and at the same time, is a tasty and delicious way of doing so. Therefore, turn yourself to the bars of dark chocolate and immune yourself from the risks of high blood pressure – naturally!!

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Eat Dark Chocolate If You Have High BP