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How To Eat Right This Festive Season

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Eating right during festive season is very important or you will just add on some unwanted fats which shall be very hard to shed off. How to eat right this festive season and still enjoy the fun and good food? It is all about eating on time, in the right quantities and leading a much disciplined life. Here are some great tips to avoid digestive disturbances, keep away those extra kilos and still enjoy the festivities.


Planning – The best way to eat right is to maintain a food diary so that you are aware of what you are having and how much calories you are adding. Try and avoid late night drinks, munchies and heavy spicy meals – no matter how tempting they might be.


Eating less and balanced food – Festive foods are usually high in sugar, fats and salt – so eat them in lesser quantities. Try to maintain a balance of what you eat. If you have a heavy lunch – try to balance it with a lighter dinner. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as much as you can.


Snack very smartly -  Choose roasted and baked snacks instead of fried and deep fried oil rich food. Pick snacks which are grilled, boiled, and non fried and barbecued…still have them in balanced quantities.


Appetizers – Have light appetizers such as light snacks which include salad, vegetables, soups, nuts and milk based snacks. You can choose snacks which are prepared with light vegetables such as grilled vegetables – potato grilled; tomato stuffed and boiled vegetable salads. Soups which are light and fat free can be had with such appetizers along with crunchy crusted bread.


Control your drinks – Try and have not more than 2 medium drinks. Alcohol is known to stimulate your appetite and is said to be one of the main sources of calories which are stored as fat. Women need to limit their calorie intake to just one medium drink. Dry wine should always be chosen instead of the sweetened variety. If you are having drinks in the evening, it is best to dilute the drink with water or you can take some soda also in between. Those who are suffering from diabetes should keep a close watch on beverages. If you are opting for other beverages, you can choose other varieties of drinks such as diet sodas and fruit juices.


Salads – Try and include as much salads as you can in your main course meals. You can also add some fresh seasoned vinegar instead of adding oil.


Vegetables – If you are having vegetables, you need to have them with very little gravy since gravies are loaded with calories and other fats. You can have vegetables which are lightly sautéed, stir fried and even grilled. Stay away from oily and fried dishes as much as possible.


Desserts – If you wish to stay healthy, you need to stay away from desserts as much as you can. If you find it impossible to resist them, you can have the lighter desserts which are of less cream and sugar. You can have fruit puddings and fruit based desserts which can be really healthy.


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How To Eat Right This Festive Season