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Be Cool & Healthy This Season...

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You are what you eat. And in  summer , no one really feels like gorging on hevy meals. Diet is based on  several factors like age, gender, present weight, physical activity, occupation, family medical history.

  • Eat meals regularly and don't skip any meal.
  • Avoid fast foods that generally have low nutritional content and are high in empty calories.
  • Add more green leafy vegetables, cereals and pulses to your diet.
  • Balance intake of sugar and salt.
  • Restrict intake of caffeinated beverages.
  • Drink atleast 8-11 glasses of water and other fluids like fresh fruit and vegetable juices, soups.
  • Exercise everyday. Yoga will be very helpful in summer. It is distressing and relaxing.
  • Wear cotton garments.
  • Soak feet in cold water at the end of the day to call and refresh them.
  • Keep your body cool by spraying face with water or rosewater.
  • Keep your head cool. Wear a hat or carry an umbrella.
  • Wear  good quality sun glasses.


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Be Cool & Healthy This Season...