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Megan Fox's Vinegar Diet - Is It Right For You

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The fad celebrity diets gained importance in late 2000’s, but the origin of the first celebrity diet can be traced to 1820, when  Lord Byron came on scene urging  people to follow his vinegar and water diet. Of late many fad diets like cabbage soup diet, coconut diet, and maple syrup diet came on scene, but still the popularity of a vinegar detox diet refuses to subside. The latest celebrity to promote it is “Transformers” actor Megan Fox. In a recent interview, she sang praises of the vinegar diet and claimed that it helped her get rid the extra pounds that had vowed to disfigure her. She further added that vinegar detox diet is actually good for the body because it cleanses the body system and gets rid of the water weight gained during menstruation.




Many such fad diets are popular amongst celebrities. From time to time we have been hearing about liquid diets, soup diets, juice diets, etc. But none of them could gain public attention for long time because they were inadequate by themselves. Similarly, when Megan Fox invited the wrath of the health experts by saying that vinegar is the best weight loss solution around us. The experts discarded it as another fad and added that the vinegar is unhealthy and unrealistic as any other so called weigh loss diet promoted by the celebrities over the years.  The experts today say that vinegar has zero calories and may even irritate the stomach lining if consumed in excess amounts.


Vinegar was highly priced ingredient in some folk medicines. These folk medicines propagated that vinegar is good for weight loss and its derivatives like apple cider vinegar can go long way in curbing diabetes, lowering blood pressure and fighting osteoporosis and cancer. The theory gained ground in late July 2010 when That’s Fit reported that a Japanese study group has dished out statements in favor of vinegar suppressing body fat. But these studies were not supported with any concrete evidences, but many commoners and celebrities like Megan had already fallen prey to the charms of smart vinegar marketing. Lucy Jones a dietician , in her interview to Australian publication Sun Herald retorted back at the claims of Megan adding that “"The body, including the liver, is a well-oiled detoxing machine, which will not be improved by vinegar, whether it be organic, apple cider, unfiltered, or your bog-standard malt vinegar,".  Another registered dietician Keri Gans's expressed her views saying that “using vinegar is healthy and low-calorie way of cooking”, but gulping them regularly may not aid in the long run of weight loss.


Many nutritionists have suggested against vinegar diet by saying that they may even harm the body in long run. They have said that strict adherence to vinegar diet may weaken muscles and wreak your body in dangerous way. Katherine Tallmadge, registered dietitian and author of "Diet Simple" says that vinegar diet type of fad diets are "all silliness and potentially dangerous". And for natural weight loss she urged people to take lots of natural foods and minimize the intake of high calorie, sodium processed foods.


Always remember that a sensible dietician will always recommend you the nature’s way of weight loss. The fad diets promoted by celebrities may aid for time being but they are more injurious in long run.


Don’t give up to the charms and whimsies of such silly celeb diets, which disappear faster from scenes like the celebrities themselves.  


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Megan Fox's Vinegar Diet - Is It Right For You