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The Four Pillars Of A Healthy Diet

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The perception of healthy diet may vary from person to person. It not only means eating the right food to maintain weight, but also means eating the food to regularize body functions. In my opinion a regular healthy diet should be based on the personal preferences, and dietary requirements of the individual. Many nutritionists agree that the healthy diet conception may vary from person to person, and may encompass different eating styles, but certain characteristics stand apart. The four common characteristics of a healthy diet include:


  1. Regularity:

    The first amongst the four pillars of a healthy diet is regularity. Actually I am a sort of person who has always followed a chaotic pattern of eating, which means “eat whatever you want, whenever you want”. But I know that type of eating is not good for health. But I try to follow some aspects of regular eating like eating after half an hour of waking up, and eating within intervals of 3 or 4 hours etc. I do wish to follow another respect of regular eating like eating with advanced planning, etc. But I fail to follow it regularly. I know there are many imperative benefits of regular eating. It has been noted that regular eating pattern aids in boosting metabolism and enhances the energy level of the body. Whenever I have tried to follow this, the results were amazing and I have enjoyed enhanced energy levels throughout the day.


  2. Dietary restrictions
    The second most important thing in the four pillars of healthy diet are the dietary restrictions. Dietary restrictions are not the same for everyone. But, I think a time comes when we have to think in terms of health rather than taste. I love strawberries but I am allergic to it, so I try to avoid it. Similarly, there may be many out there, who are allergic to dairy products or peanuts, such people should abstain from eating them. If you are seeking an expert advice on nutrition, then, you need to very clear about your personal choices too, because, they may advice you to include some foods in your diet which may not suit your body. After all, personal preferences also matter a lot in terms of dietary planning. A healthy diet is one which is well charted and experimented. Remember a diet is beneficial if it boosts metabolism, heightens your energy, and regularizes other body functions.


  3. Variety
    The third amongst the four pillars of healthy diet is variety. Variety keeps you going.  I have seen most of the people opting out of the recommended diet because after a point they lose interest in the diet. To save yourself from such situations you may perhaps keep changing your diet from time to time. Try to eat a variety of nutrient rich foods in order to keep the interest level intact. Eating the same salad or vegetables may bore you, so, try to prepare different salads everyday using fruits and vegetables. Also, try to prepare vegetables in different ways. You can perhaps purchase frozen vegetables and include fruits in your meals. Frozen fruits can be used to prepare smoothies too. Also try to use only healthy oils for cooking. Stock up vinegars to add variety to the foods. Try to follow atleast two food groups during the meal. Remember, healthy food doesn’t mean tasteless food. You can devise methods to make healthy food tasty.


  4. Moderation

    The fourth amongst the four pillars of a healthy diet is moderation. It means inducing moderation in diet.You should only consume food in moderate amounts because overeating may ruin your cause and under eating may ruin your health. If you know that certain foods are not good for you and still you continue to have them for the sake of just eating, then, try to limit their intake or in other words try to politely strike them out of your diet by limiting the intakes. And, if you have already bought too much of these unhealthy foodstuffs, then, its best to divide it amongst your friends. 


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The Four Pillars Of A Healthy Diet