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How To Begin A Sensory Diet With An Autistic Child

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Children who have an autism spectrum disorder often have problems related to sensory integration. These children are usually sensory avoiders and dislike bright lights and loud sounds. Other autism children suffer from problems related to deep pressure and other sensory seekers. It is important to know how to begin a sensory diet with an autistic child so that your child can adapt to the diet as soon as possible. Introducing sensory diet to an autistic child which shall help in his overall growth and development- these children usually suffer from conditions of sensory failure and slow development of mind which leads to several other complications.


A sensory diet is not a dietary regimen rather it is an activity schedule, which needs to be started with the child as soon as possible (preferably immediately after the disorder is diagnosed). It helps the child to stay organized as well as focused in various activities. Check out some of the things, which you can do for your child.


You can place a foam mat or a beans bag, just on the ground. Let it be surrounded with some large pillows. Let your child jump on the mat or the bean bag so that he can land on his feet, his knees or just with his crossed legs. If the child is comfortable he can also fall on the mat. This crashing effect lets the child have proprioceptive input which is an integral part of the sensory diet.


You can also fill a laundry basket with several things so that it gains a weight. If you have a smaller child, you can fill it with toys and heavier objects for a five year old or more. The child needs to be encouraged to push the basket – let him have a race to push the basket from one place to another. This is a very heavy work which is quite important part of the sensory diet of the child.


Spray some shaving cream on a clean surface and encourage the child to touch it and make drawing like marks. Understanding different textures is very important for any autistic child and this is one great way to know about smoothness. You can let your child play with foam and gel also.


Every child loves clay and enjoys mixing beads in it. Since, autistic children are sensory avoiders they might not like the feel the clay feeling so they will decline touching it. You have to encourage your child to play and mix objects with the clay so that they learn the texture of 2 or more commodities. You can encourage your child to touch and feel different vegetables and let him mix them with clay. He is surely going to find a new play  this way.  Let your child, choose his favorite color of clay. If he mixes clay and the different beads, he shall be able to experience different types of tactile sensations in one activity only. You can always encourage your child to play with these beads and make some common colors and shapes within this clay. 


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How To Begin A Sensory Diet With An Autistic Child