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6 Rules Of Dieting You Can Break

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Dieting rules are not meant to be broken; still you can make some dents here and there because some of these dieting rules are purely born out of misconceptions or myths. Here are 6 rules of dieting that you can easily break because they are nothing but creative imagination of some idle minds:




Skipping a meal will help you to loose weight
While growing up I was under an impression that skipping a meal will help me to loose weight, today I realize what a fool I was because skipping a meal does more harm to the body than good. The body is a powerhouse which operates with the fuel called food. And skipping a meal means you are depriving your body its fuel. Also you tend to eat more than before, and add more weight.


Eating food at night will pile up the pounds
We have often heard people saying that eating at night adds to your hips, there is not an iota of truth in it.  Because the weight gain solely depends on how much you eat throughout the day or week not what you eat in the night.


Refusing food at the party will seem odd
It may seem odd but you can politely refuse the host saying that you are on a diet or medication, which disallows you to eat certain foods. So you should be excused from eating that food, I think it is socially acceptable.


Eating at the same time every day will prolong your health
Once a nonagenarian came to live in my neighborhood. He was very energetic and his antics mostly kept people in laughter. Many wanted to know the secret of his health, and he dished out the advice that I strictly clock my eating time and try to eat at the same times. Although many of my neighbors tried to follow the same with half hearted attempts, but in my opinion instead of clocking the time, it is best to eat whenever you feel hungry.


All calories are the same
This is somewhat true. At the end of the day how much calories you chomp in makes more sense than what you eat. You may gain 100 calories by eating an apple or 100 calories by eating white bread. But the 100 calories that you gained from apple is healthier than the 100 calories that you gained from bread. So always choose healthier foods, when you are dieting.


If you are leaving some food on the plate, then you are wasting it
That’s not true. I think you should eat only till you feel satisfied.  Always begin your meal by having small amount sof food otherwise you may end up overeating.


In case of dieting try to be wise in judging what works and what doesn’t.


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6 Rules Of Dieting You Can Break