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Is American Diet The Worst Diet

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Listening to the various health shows and looking at the ever increasing obesity percentage in our country, it is not unusual to ask, "Is American diet the worst diet?" To help you with the answer, here is a low down of the various "health" aspects of the diet we follow...


Hyper or extreme is the word which aptly describes the regular American diet of the day. There might be many out there who may find it normal, whereas others may call it extreme, or some others who may not react at all. But in reality the American diet is pretty hyper in all senses and certainly unhealthy too.


The regular American diet is a  penthouse of calories with processed meats, processed carb goodies such as pasta, cookies, cakes, breads etc, and few veggies and fruits.  Your health depends on what you eat, so what is in this American diet?


American diet is rich in many things; but the reality is that too much of richness wreaks havoc on health.  Most of the American foods are laced with elements such as sodium nitrate, monosodium glutamate (MSG), phytic acide, acrylamide, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils etc.


Foods prepared using hydrogenated oils may taste good but they are  a fountainhead of some deadly diseases like obesity, cancer, heart problems etc. Through many clinical trials it has been proved that even minimal consumption of these oils can induce obesity. Mostly the fats are concentrated around abdomen.


Lot has been said about high fructose corn syrup. There are no substantial evidences to relate it to the deadly ailments, still it is said that they lead to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Moreover, the high fructose corn syrup has “empty calories”. 

Acrylamides are present in deep fried and baked foods. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency the short term effects of acrylamide includes nervous disorders, and jammed leg movements.  And the possible long term effects may include cancer, paralysis, stroke etc.  Acrylamide is generated on reaction between asparagine and reactive carbonyls.  Acrylamides are produced during deep –frying, over cooking, microwaving and baking of foods.


The American diet is generally lined with packed goods. Most of the packed goodies are laced with monosodium glutamate. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) belongs to the league of chemicals known as excitotoxins.  During various clinical trials it was found that these chemicals had perilous effects on the brain. Also it was judged that MSG was indirectly linked to obesity and also induced many neurological disorders. MSG is found in yeast and yeast products.


Most of the Americans are crazy about processed meats and their derivatives. It has been found that over past decade, abdominal cancer rates amongst American population have escalated in five folds.  The main culprit is sodium nitrate, which is present in processed meats. It has been found that regular consumption of processed meats often leads to colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate and breast cancer. To enjoy healthy digestive life you may start off by saying no to salamis and bacons or consume vitamin C and E rich fruits and vegetables to curb the conversion of sodium nitrate to nitrosamines.


American diet is also famous for its line of grain based foods. These grain based foods are rich in phytic acid, which is also known as “anti nutrient”.  So if you are eating grain based foods then you are literally negating the effects of some healthy foods that you have eaten recently. The phytic acid oozes out the nutrients from your body.


Even though American Diet is the worst diet, still you can make good out of it by making some healthy food choices. It is always better to leave behind the sad and move towards “green”er pastures if you wish to enjoy the health and happiness!


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Is American Diet The Worst Diet