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How To Manage ADHD In Children Through Diet

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ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the increasing problems among children today. Today we are learning newer methods of how to manage ADHD in children through diet because, it has been proved by scientific research that there is more than one link between nutritional deficiencies and diet. Changes in the diet are known to influence the changing functions of brains as well as in healthy development of youngsters. Managing ADHD in children through diet is one of the latest challenges faced by psychologists and health experts.

There are several dietary ideas which are known to help children suffering from ADHD. Here are some such ideas.


Fresh foods only - You have to start completely fresh. Get rid of all processed and refined foods which are available. It has been seen that sodium benzoate which is a food additive is known to cause hyperactivity, not only in children suffering from ADHD but also in normal children. Artificial food coloring is also known to be responsible for extreme hyperactivity in children.


Keep away from sugar - You have to drastically reduce the quantity of refined as well as natural sugars taken by any child. Various food items such as soda, children’s cereals, fruit juices, white rice, sweets, potatoes, flour and colas need to be avoided. This shall lead to sudden surge in sugar levels which can lead to overall inattentiveness and lack of coordination also.


Elimination of hydrogenated and saturated fats – The levels of unhealthy fats which include fatty acids can be responsible for triggering symptoms of ADD as well as ADHD. It can also lead to more serious conditions of child depression. You just need to avoid some simple things like butter and oil. You can replace corn oil with olive oil which is healthier for our health.


Multivitamins – It is important to include multivitamins in the diet which contain DHA. You can ask your pediatrician to prescribe one such vitamin. DHA is one of those components which are known to develop the brain tissues in children. Children who have ADHD is known to show remarkable improvement after the intake of multivitamins. This shall be able to show slight improvement in making up the deficiency of brain tissues and shall bring significant growth and development.


Foods with omega 3 fatty acids – Children suffering from ADHD should have foods which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This can be found in different types of fish oil as well as flax oil which shall help in the functioning of the brain. If there is lack of omega 3 acids in the body, it is known to be responsible for conditions of ADHD.


Lean proteins – you need to include lean proteins in the diet which includes turkey meat which is low in fat.


Gluten – Avoids foods which have gluten in them, such as wheat, barley as well rye from the diet. Children suffering from insensitivity and learning disabilities should not be offered foods which are rich in gluten. 


So, follow these guidelines and try to manage ADHD in your child not through medications but rather through simple diet modifications. 


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How To Manage ADHD In Children Through Diet