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Eat Tofu To Fight Tumors

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Researchers recommend eating tofu to fight tumors. Tofu’s tumor-fighting ability comes from isoflavones, whose chemical structure is similar to estrogen. These isoflavones when bind with estrogen receptors have the ability to slow down the functions of estrogen that aids in growth of tumors.


A study in China reported, eating soy products like tofu brings down the risk of recurring breast tumors in women. It was found that women who ate high quantities of tofu had less cases of recurring breast cancer than women who ate less tofu. This study gave way for further research to find out if increasing tofu intake could actually help American women to fight breast cancer. An unusual result was found to this research. Since, in American women the tissues are not used to soy protein, so suddenly increasing soy diet can have other effects. While Chinese women get huge quantities of isoflavones present in tofu, after a tumor operation their body tissues get the benefit of soy food very easily and have shown positive effects of consuming tofu.


Some researches believe that tofu supports the medication process in tumor patients by slowing the growth of tumor cells. This finding leads to another research that tries to find out the quantity of soy intake that could be beneficial for fighting cancer. There is no set diet recommendation but consuming moderate quantity of tofu could be sufficient.


Tofu is the traditional form of soy and contains nutrients in its natural form. Processed soy products are of no help when it comes to preventing cancer because the nutrients are lost in processing.


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Eat Tofu To Fight Tumors