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10 Major Effects Of Poor Diet In Children

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Your mom must have told you sometime or the other to ‘eat more vegetables’. 10 major effects of poor diet in children is a must read for everyone who believes that poor diet has actually no or very little side effects. Effects of poor diet on children have been especially observed in cases of those children who ignore fresh vegetables and have good  quantity of fats in their diet. In you find that your kid is a picky eater, then it is time for you to be aware and motivate your child to have a balanced diet.


Here are the major effects of poor diet in children.


Behavior – Poor nutrition is reflected in the behavior of children. They may suffer from problems of attention deficiency or hyperactivity disorder. Children tend to be become lethargic and very irritable if the diet does not have enough of daily requirements of fat, proteins and carbohydrates.


Mental development – Mental development often slows down with poor dietary patterns. This is not noticed early but with symptoms like delayed speech, delayed coordination and slow learning patterns parents start realizing the problem of the child.


Intelligence – Children who have poor eating habits suffer from problems like lack of concentration, problems related to lack of memory, poor cognitive skills and low levels of intelligence also. Children tend to be become dull and slow in following instructions.


Stunted growth – Stunted growth is one of the major effects of poor diet. Even if there is an increase in height, there are problems of lack of proper development of several body organs which leads to other complexities. Liver, kidneys and even appetite does not develop with age.


Skin and hair problems – Skin rashes, allergy, frequent boils, itching and sensitive skin are all related to poor diet. Hair fall, dandruff problems, premature greying of hair and even baldness in severe cases are all related to poor diet.


Dental – Poor dental health is a common problem associated with poor eating patterns. The intake of more sugary and junk foods is the reason for mouth bacteria and also cavities. Soft drinks and other processed foods which have harmful dyes in them are responsible for teeth staining.


Obesity – This is one of the most common problems of poor diet. Weight gain at such a young age is the result of too much fats and sugar in the diet. This mainly comes from sweets, colas, chips and other types of junk food which are more of fat than other nutrients.


Digestive problems – Children who are on a diet which is rich in fats and carbohydrates, often suffer from problems related to indigestion. Since too much fatty and oil rich food is consumed, the whole digestive system breaks down causing stomach ailments.


Bone health – Children often suffer from problems related to aches and pains in the bone, brittle bones and lack of energy. All this is the result of calcium deficiency in the diet. If there is lack of vitamin B in the diet it can lead to problems like weakness, leg pains and even incidences of frequent fractures.


Immunity – Children who do not have a nutritious diet have very low levels of immunity. They fall prey to diseases and even small infections take a lot of time to heal. The resistance power of the child reduces alarmingly. 


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10 Major Effects Of Poor Diet In Children