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How To Feed A Sick Child – The BRAT Diet

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Flu season is one of the worst times of the year, when you have to be extra careful with your child. Doctors come up with several suggestions on how to feed a sick child – the BRAT diet is a way to ensure that the stomach of the child is always  full which shall lead to quicker recovery. This is a very simple diet plan in which you will need some common food items like rice, bananas, toast and apple sauce. It makes feeding a sick child an easy job.


This diet is recommended as it is easily digested by children who are suffering from flu. Parents are advised to feed their children in little portions so that the child is able to tolerate the food. Depending on the tolerance level of the child, you can move ahead with other foods of the plan.


Bananas – These are easy to digest and very gentle too for the stomach of the baby. This is one of the reasons why babies are first given mashed bananas. You can mush these and then feed your child – but remember, there shouldn’t be any additives or toppings to enhance the taste of the fruit. You can choose ripe bananas but these need to be very fresh.


Rice – Rice is very gentle on babies as well as sick tummies. You should cook white rice and not long grain or brown rice which are difficult to digest. You do not have to add any type of flavorings to enhance the taste of the rice such as butter or herbs. Your child may not like the taste of such seasonings. Instant rice cereals can also be a good choice for children who are sick.


Applesauce – The unsweetened variety of applesauce is the third food which is recommended in this BRAT diet plan. Never try to purchase sweet applesauce and do not try to sweeten the sauce yourself also. Just as in case of the above two foods, you will have to feed your child, applesauce in its purest form. This is a great way to ensure quick recovery for your child.


Toast – This is eaten by us on an everyday basis. You can use a white bread to make a plain toast to feed your child suffering from flu. You shouldn’t use any bread that is high on grains or fiber content, as it shall be difficult for the child to digest. You can toast the bread well and then offer small portions of  it to the child. There is no need to add butter, jam or margarine to make the bread interesting as it will make it difficult for the child to digest it. 


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How To Feed A Sick Child – The BRAT Diet