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Liquid Fast Diets For Hollywood Stars

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"Aunty please put on the TV because today they are going to telecast an episode about popular liquid fast diets for Hollywood stars", announced my nephew. My other nephews were equally eager to watch the episode on popular liquid fast diets for Hollywood stars. After watching the diet some of them announced that they will be following a particular diet, etc. I think there is no point in blaming them because many of us want to emulate the lifestyles of celebrities. Right from their style of dressing, to behavior to diet, we want to model ourselves like them. Liquid fast diets are favored by most of the Hollywood stars because they aid in weight loss by curbing appetite.  Popular liquid fast diets include:   Lemon cleanse diet, Water fasting, Opti fast or medi fast , and juice fasting.


The Master Cleanse

The Master cleanse is one of the popular Liquid fast diets of Hollywood Stars. This diet is popularly known as Beyonce diet because she popularized it with her own experience. This cleanse, amalgamates the freshness of lemon juice, hotness of cayenne pepper and sweetness of maple syrup to curb appetite and boost your energy levels.


Juice Fasting

Most of the celebrities, models, cancer patients, and vegans opt for juice fasting because it has many benefits over other forms of liquid dieting. The vegetable and fruit juices supply all necessary nutrients to the body, without hampering the other body functions, which may slow down due to irregularity in food intake. If you continue the juice fasting for three days, then the body enters into a state of ketosis, where it uses up old fat stores for managing all the necessary life processes and supplying energy to the body. Most celebrities have reported that they were able to lose up to 14 pounds in a week by following this diet. Celebrities like Janet Jackson, and Katie Price have endorsed this diet.


Optifast or Medifast

Optifast or medifast are medically supervised diets where the dieters are administered a diet of pre-mixed drinks, and powders. Various kinds of protein shakes, vitamin and mineral enriched drinks are taken during this diet.


Water Fasting

Water fasting is supposed to be one of the rigorous forms of liquid diets because it requires a lot of patience and will power to stave off the hunger pangs.  We have often heard about Jain Sanyasis in India administering this form of diet. There are many advocates for water fasting.  Well known Hollywood celebrity Clint Eastwood is a die-hard advocate of water fasting, and he says that it has helped him to be in shape for many years.  The benefits of water fasting is enunciated in Ayurveda too. Even the modern medical science has advocated it as one of the beneficial ways of getting rid of diseases. It is said that water fasting helps in strengthening the immune system and keeps diseases at bay.


Are liquid fasts safe for us?

Yes liquid fasts are perfectly safe, because there have been various instances where people have followed this fasting routines for religious purposes and other healing purposes. Time and again it has been proved that these liquid diets can benefit us if they are approached with the proper mindset. The liquid fasts may bring out disastrous results if you are seeking medication for any ailment.  Go for this form of dieting only after seeking your doctor’s approval.  Also try to find out which type of diet will aid you and keep you energetic at the same time.


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Liquid Fast Diets For Hollywood Stars