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Eat Potatoes To Lose Weight

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I could not believe my eyes when I read “Eat potatoes to lose weight”. Potato being my favorite food, it was hard to resist them until this same article said “Don’t dump potatoes to lose weight”. Now I eat potatoes everyday and yet lose weight. Eating potatoes the right way is more important, so just don’t dump potatoes to lose weight, eat them the right way and reap its health benefits. Health trainers say eating potato has a direct relation to gaining weight. This humble vegetable has always been displayed as a culprit in health articles and journals and a completely abandoned food for fitness enthusiasts. A research report from University of California, has demonstrated results that are contradictory to all common beliefs that we hold against potatoes.


Some interesting finding from Illinois Institute of Technology

Study showed that people can lose weight even after eating potatoes.

A mid-sized potato, with its skin, contains only 110 calories, contains more potassium than banana, supplies almost 50% of vitamin C by our body and is free of fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Researchers found that eating potatoes that are high GI food is not the reason for gaining weight. It is the way potatoes are cooked makes the difference.  

It was also pointed out that there is no direct relation between eating potatoes and gaining weight. So just don’t dump potatoes to lose weight, control calorie intake if you are on a weight loss regime.


How to eat potatoes to lose weight?
As researchers said, eating potatoes that are cooked in a healthy way can help lose weight.

1. Don’t dump potatoes to lose weight; they contain essential nutrients for a healthy body.

2. Do not fry potatoes, frying potato in any form be it chips or French fries, makes it fatty.

3. Do not add any kind of fat in potato dishes.

4. Eat boiled or baked potatoes seasoned with salt or pepper, parsley or coriander.

5. If you cannot resist fried potatoes, use microwave to make finger chips.

6. You can even make stuffed aloo ka parathas without any oil, butter or ghee.

7. Soaking potatoes in water before cooking can reduce its starch content.

So you can now eat potatoes to lose weight without the slightest guilt. Don’t dump potatoes, eat them without added fats to gain benefits and not just weight.


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Eat Potatoes To Lose Weight