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Can Indian Curry Prevent Dementia

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Dementia, an age related disease can be prevented by regular consumption of curcumin contained in turmeric. The fact that Indians eat a lot of turmeric through curry and are least affected by dementia, it is proved that one can prevent dementia with Indian curry. Turmeric is an important and extensively used spice in Indian recipes mainly curry.


Can Indian Curry Prevent Dementia?

Indian curry is a spicy dish made out of vegetables, poultry or seafood. It is popular for its spicy and hot taste. While there are many spices that go into an Indian curry dish, turmeric is the key spice that imparts colors and taste to any curry. Indian curry is a popular dish eaten across the length and breadth of the country and is considered a staple dish in all regional cuisines. Researchers’ findings revealed that dementia is less prevalent in India than America. A detailed study showed that curcumin helps prevent dementia; hence researchers started looking for foods that contained this powerful nutrient. It was found that turmeric contains good amount of curcumin and this is how the link between dementia and turmeric came into picture. While turmeric is consumed in huge quantities by Indians they are rarely affected with dementia compared to people of other countries.


How to prevent dementia with Indian curry?

Eating Indian curry is the best way to prevent dementia. Try to eat India curry at least once in a week. If you are fond of Indian curry, turmeric will come in automatically and help you keep away from dementia. For those who are not keen on learning new recipes can include Indian curry masala in chicken or seafood or steamed vegetables. Indian curry masalas are available in many options for both vegetarians and specific non vegetarian dishes. One can find them easily in any Indian store, with instructions for use on the back side of the package. Well, for those who are fond of cooking, there are a myriad of Indian curry recipes to cook and eat every day. It will go a long way in preventing dementia when you get older. If you are too lazy to cook, dinning at an Indian restaurant on weekends is not a bad idea either. According to me there cannot be a better way of preventing dementia with Indian curry!!


So enjoy eating Indian Curry and say bye to dementia!!


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Can Indian Curry Prevent Dementia