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Learn the Effects of Coca Cola on Your Body

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Learn the effects of coca cola on your body so that, the next time you go for this thirst quencher, you know how much of it is OK for you. In this blog on “learn the effects of coca cola on your body,” I will share with you the nutritive values of this carbonated drink and reveal the effects it can have on your body. So, if you are ready to take this coca cola plunge, let’s begin uncovering the secrets lying beneath this staple soft drink.  



Learn the effects of coca cola on your body – Know the components


Coca cola comes loaded with lots of caffeine and sugar, both of which have their own reactions within the body. The key ingredients of the drink are phosphoric acid, caramel color, concentrated fructose corn syrup, caffeine, carbonated water and natural flavors, all of which together make up the calories, sugar, carbohydrates and sodium. The diet versions of coca cola on the other hand, contain aspartame, citric acid and potassium benzoate.


Learn the effects of coca cola on your body – The reaction of components


1. A can of this soft drink yields 27 carbohydrates, which translate to around 10 tsp of sugar. Now, when you drink coca cola, the body starts absorbing the sugar in the drink and in a matter of just 20 minutes, the liver starts converting the sugar into fat. In the process, the blood sugar levels within the body are elevated and the body starts synthesizing insulin in large amounts.


2. Now, while the body is adjusting to the sugar in your carbonated drink, the caffeine starts to play its own role. Caffeine is absorbed by the body within 15 minutes of its ingestion. Caffeine elevates the blood pressure levels in the body and the pupils of our eyes start dilating. The increased blood pressure in turn, starts making more sugar in the liver and as a result, your body ends up with more fat deposition.


3. While your body becomes the playground of rushing sugar and caffeine within minutes of coca cola consumption, you start having the dopamine effect that triggers pleasure feelings in your brain.


4. Within an hour, the diuretic properties of coca cola increases urination, which drives away all the phosphorus of the drink from the body. The phosphorus binds with zinc, calcium and magnesium already present in the body and is passes out with urine.


5. Thus, you can see that even if coca cola claims to contain some beneficial minerals, they are all washed away with urine, leaving a deposition of fat in the body. Now, decide for yourself what quantity of this drink is good for quenching your thirst. Happy Drinking!


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Learn The Effects Of Coca Cola On Your Body