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Diet Tips From Korea

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If you are trying hard to lose few extra pounds, then these diet tips from Korea can be helpful to achieve your goal. Dieting in Korea is a part of their lifestyle. Just for this reason, you will rarely find a Korean, who is on the plumper side. While I was in grad school, I had one Korean friend, who shared some of these authentic Korean dieting tips. If you can manage to follow these for a minimum of 6 months, you will surely find a positive result in your endeavor.


From the very early days, the Koreans are quite conscious about their appearance. They pay a lot of attention to the things they are eating. While diet plays a major role in keeping them healthy and thin, you cannot also disregard the gene factor of Korean ethnicity. However, to talk about Korean diets, they mainly depend on the nature surrounding their country. They get the opportunity to consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruits from the abundant greeneries. The Korean people also eat variety of fresh fish and seafood, which in turn helps to keep them slim and fit. The traditional Korean diet is a completely balanced diet as it contains 70% good carbohydrates, 14-17% proteins and only 13% fat. On top of that, the Korean people believe in clean, happy and healthy lifestyle, which also works to maintain their beautiful and younger looking appearance.


Diet Tips from Korea

  • Involve plenty of fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables for your every meals of the day. Also depend more on fish, seafood and lean meats instead of red meats. Finally, use plenty of spices in your food, as they help to boost up metabolism and to keep you active throughout the day.
  • Accompany all your meat delicacies with large amount of vegetables. This large amount of vegetables will actually work to neutralize the side effects of meat.
  • Never deep fry your food, instead stick to the stir fry option as the Korean does. You can also prepare soups or broths by including these same ingredients. This way, you will be enjoying more nutrition from the food, than the deep fry option.
  • There is a Korean specialty, known as Kimchi. The Koreans consume this with every meal to help into the digestion process. It is actually made from fermented cabbage and radish. In case, there is a Korean restaurant in your neighborhood, then you should definitely collect this item and store into your kitchen for eating with your meals on a regular basis.
  • Koreans basically prefer to eat and serve food in large helpings. But, as maximum part of their food contains fresh vegetable, they eventually get to eat more vegetables with their large helpings. This high volume of vegetables works to cut down your fat and cholesterol. So, from now onwards, eat more but stay slim and healthy.
  • Rice is used as the staple diet for Korean people. This gluten-free diet does not offer any sugar, which has an effect on the obesity. Even for the other preparations also, they do not use additional sugar. Thus, you can also cut down on your sugar intake to enjoy the best effect of Korean dieting.
  • At the end of the day, Koreans prefer to enjoy their dinner along with the other family members. This comes to be a regular family affair with quality time. The mood and ambiance of the meal time, helps in easy digestion of the food. So, make sure to enjoy your meals with your family members and make it the best time of the day.


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Diet Tips From Korea