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How To Lose Weight With Chicken Broth

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Losing weight with chicken broth has been a common and popular concept for many. If you are planning to shed few pounds, then you can try this method of dieting. But, before that you should have information on how to lose weight with chicken broth. The healthy and savory chicken broth

The chicken broth works in a miraculous way to cut down your fat. First of all, the calorie count for the chicken broth is as low as 10-20 cal. This low calorie fluid will help you to stay full for quite a long time. This can result into less eating of snacks or other finger foods. As soon as, you stop eating in excess amount, you will start to notice a small but gradual reduction in your body weight. However, there are two major concerns for the commercial readymade chicken broth, which you get to buy in the market. First thing is that, some of the broth contains the MSG or mono-sodium glutamate, which has adverse effect on your health. The second is the high sodium count of these readymade chicken broths, which is also not a healthy choice for the body. So, if you plan to use the chicken broth diet to lose your body weight, you should use the homemade chicken broth. With a homemade chicken broth, you can also remove the excess fat by skimming from the top of the cooled broth. Now you should learn about the chicken broth diet.

The concept of chicken broth diet is that you can drink as much chicken broth as you want during the day. Thus you will be filling your appetite with some low calorie food. So, your accumulated fat will get used up at the time, when there is some serious requirement for generating energy. This will help you in losing extra weight from your body. You may follow the above steps to incorporate the chicken broth diet into your regular routine.

  • Start your day with a cup of warm chicken broth and go for a late breakfast or brunch.
  • Have a hearty brunch or late breakfast, so that you can get rid of the lunch. But make sure to eat healthy and heavy for your brunch or late breakfast. Make use of non-fat or low-fat food items with a plenty of fresh fruits and whole grains for your late breakfast. If you prefer to have brunch, then consume more salad to satisfy your hunger.
  • By the early afternoon, when you will feel hungry again, have another cup of warm chicken broth. You have to avoid the afternoon snacks, as most of the snacks items are enriched with fat and oil. The warm chicken broth will keep you full till you have your dinner.
  • Maintain a low-fat diet for your dinner menu, but again have sufficient amount of food fill you enough for the night.
  • To see the positive result of losing weight, you must stick to this routine of diet for at least couple of weeks.


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How To Lose Weight With Chicken Broth