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Choices For A High-Protein Breakfast

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Choosing high-protein breakfast is a perfect decision, as it can supply you plenty of fuel for running through the hectic schedule of your day. According to the scientific studies, the high protein breakfast provides you more energy, which helps you to stay active for the whole day. You have several choices for a high-protein breakfast; some of these are described here.Eggs and bacons - high-protein breakfast options

Eggs are the best source of protein for the breakfast time, as it serves around 6gms of protein for your daily intake. If you are worried about the high cholesterol issue, consume the white part only leaving the yolk part. There are several ways to cook the egg for the breakfast such as boiled, poached, scrambled, fried, omelet and many more.

Dairy Products
Although dairy products are known for their high fat content, but these are also rich in protein. Nowadays, you will get the low-fat or non-fat variations of the milk products. If you are cautious about your intake of fat, then choose among these fat-free milk products. Starting from milk, to yogurt, to cheese, to buttermilk; you have so many options to try with.

Soy Products
If you have allergy in dairy product or you want to avoid the fat part, then you can shift over to the soy choices. These soy products have high protein content, which can serve as high as 20gms of protein for your regular intake. There are soy milk, cereals added with soy protein, tofu etc, which will boost you up adequately for the day.

Meat and Fish
There are various meat products and fish products, which can really become good source for protein. Bacons, salami, ham and sausages are the most popular choices among the meat products. For the fish products, you can try smoked salmon or tuna to make your favorite sandwich.

Protein Shakes
The protein shakes or smoothies can be ideal for the weekdays, when you have to run after time. These shakes supply all the essential ingredients to kick start your day, including a high percentage of protein. As these are prepared with natural fruits, nuts and multi grains – you will certainly enjoy the delectable taste.

While fixing your breakfast you should keep in mind these choices, so that you can always have a healthy and heavy breakfast to run for the day.


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Choices For A High-Protein Breakfast