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What Keeps Bipasha Basu Fit As A Fiddle - Learn Her Diet Secrets

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The glamarous Bollywood divaWhat keeps Bipasha Basu fit as a fiddle? This is a common curiosity for almost every Indian that how come Bipasha Basu maintains such a ravishing figure from the time she has appeared in her famous “Bidi Jalaile” dance sequence in the Bollywood film “Omkara”. Actually, she takes lot of interest in maintaining her figure and fitness by following strict diet plan as well as regular workout schedule. In her opinion, having an exotic body is possible only when you put same stress and attention to diet and workout, both.






Diet of Bipasha Basu

Before her appearance in the movie ‘Jism’, she was not at all praised for her sexiest figure. On the other hand, film journalists and other critics have mentioned her as overweight heroine of Bollywood, in her early days of film career. The day she noticed this comment in a local tabloid, she decided to shape up her body. From then onwards she has tried to follow a serious diet plan to eat the right thing in right quantity and to reduce the body weight for shaping up the figure by following regular workout regimen.

To talk about the diet, she is not a person who skips her meals to get rid of body fat, rather she enjoys her every meal and prefers to eat just the right amount of food, not less and not more. Her day starts with a glass of warm water mixed with few drops of lime juice. Next she picks up few almonds, which were washed and soaked overnight and a plain cup of tea to get ready for the workout session.

Bipasha normally believes that working out with an empty stomach helps in burning out the extra calories. After coming out from the fitness center, she goes for a heavy and healthy breakfast. In her view, breakfast jumpstarts the metabolism process for the day, so eating heavy and healthy – both are very important for the breakfast. In her normal schedule of breakfast, she prefers to consume a whole lot of nutritious food including egg whites, brown bread toasts, porridge, skimmed milk and plenty of fruits. Being a foodie person she enjoys healthy variations in her breakfast menu. She also gives much importance in drinking plenty of water and manages to drink 10 glasses of water to keep her skin toned, hydrated and glamorous.

The lunch also follows the same logic of eating healthy, however Bipasha usually sticks to a light and simple meal during the daytime. Mostly it consists of lentils or daal, a vegetable menu or sabzi, grilled chicken or fish and few chapatis. Although being a Bengali by birth, she never keeps a rice menu in her lunch or dinner, excepting her birthday. This has been really an appreciable achievement on her part. She is so particular about eating healthy and light, that she insists to cook her food by using only olive oil and nothing else. She also does not have a taste for oily and fried foods, but occasionally she does not mind having Pooris or Parathas.

The meal for the next part of her day starts with tea and few digestive biscuits. Evening or afternoon snacks are usually nothing more than this. Eating late at night is also not her choice, so by 9pm she is ready for her dinner. The dinner is normally simple and nutritious including items like, daal or lentils, salad, 3 types of vegetables, fish or chicken as grilled and finally small portion of dessert.

Along with the healthy diet, she crazily maintains the routine workout schedule to keep her body in perfect shape. In fact, whenever she is in a trip, she travels along with her personal trainer. Anyone envying the exceptional figure of Bipasha Basu, be prepared to put this sort of hard work to fulfill your objective!!

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What Keeps Bipasha Basu Fit As A Fiddle - Learn Her Diet Secrets