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Check Your Cholesterol - Basics of a Low Cholesterol Diet

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If you have googled on the internet something like “check your cholesterol - basics of a low cholesterol diet” or something similar, it means you are seriously looking at lowering your cholesterol consumption. And now that you have found my blog on “check your cholesterol - basics of a low cholesterol diet”, it will guide you to all the important things you need to keep in mind when you want to live on a low cholesterol diet. Let me begin by saying that a low cholesterol diet doesn’t mean a struggling or a hard-to-follow diet. That’s because; there are a plenty of food options to depend on. I must tell you that these days, checking your cholesterol has become easier than it has ever been. In the modern fast paced lifestyle, when we don’t have enough time to fix up elaborate meals for ourselves, the food manufacturers have come up with low cholesterol and low fat foods. So, all you have to do now is just read through the labels of these low cholesterol food products and buy them as per your dietary requirements. Doesn’t that make low cholesterol dieting much easier for us? It sure does.

Tips to check your cholesterol – basics of low cholesterol diet

Vote for the nature's best
checking-your-cholesterol-with-fruits-and-vegetablesFruits and vegetables have always been the proud entrée in all kinds of diets and the same goes for low cholesterol dieting too. Fruits and veggies are always on the lower scale where calorie and fat count is concerned. These will never be responsible for raising the cholesterol levels in your body. So, trust the fresh fruits and vegetables with all your heart, soul and stomach!

Check your fats
checking-your-cholesterol-with-healthy-fatsGet choosy with the fats and curb down the intake of foods rich in saturated fats. Saturated fats not only raise the levels of cholesterol in the body but also invite risks of heart diseases. You can avoid saturated fats by steering clear of foods which contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. Trans-fats should also be resisted with all your might. These fats clog the arteries by depositing layers of waxy fats and cholesterol plaques on them. Go healthy by living on vegetable, canola and olive oils rich in unsaturated fats.

Choose your grains
Abandon the better tasting white flour when you are on a low checking-your-cholesterol-with-whole-grainscholesterol diet. Learn to love the whole grains instead as they will present you with healthier results in the end. Recent studies have revealed high carbs can shoot up the cholesterol levels and make one quite prone to heart diseases, especially if the person is a diabetic. So, be wise enough and realize fast that whole grain foods can add few more days to your precious life by keeping you in good health.

Be selective with the dairy
checking-your-cholesterol-with-low-fat-dairy-productsWhen you are on a diet checking your cholesterol, make sure you substitute the regular dairy products with skimmed and low fat versions. You will be happy to learn that these low fat or skimmed options not only lower your risks of heart problems, but also trim down your waistline.

Remember lean is in
Lean meat doesn’t only help you become lean but also saves youchecking-your-cholesterol-with-lean-meat from the other dangers associated with high levels of cholesterol in the blood. Leaner meats do not raise the levels of cholesterol as much as the red meats do. So, cook your meals with lean meat whenever you feel like having them. Relish white meats more, like fish, turkey or chicken and maintain safe distance from red meat.


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Check Your Cholesterol - Basics Of A Low Cholesterol Diet