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Dieting For Thyroid Patients

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Food which is perfect for people suffering from thyroidPatients who suffer from thyroid have a tough time in understanding if they are actually overweight or it is their disease which is causing the problem. Dieting for thyroid patients needs to be planned very carefully because their extra fat is not due to eating but as a result of problematic conditions in the body. If the patient starts restricting too much, it might become very harmful for the body. It is best to speak to your Doctor before starting any diet if you are suffering from thyroid. However, here are some general dieting tips for thyroid patients which they will find very useful.

Artificial sweeteners: If you have cut out sugar from your diet, do not have artificial sweeteners also. This means that diet food which is available in the stores is not good for you. These artificial sweeteners contain substances which might be bad for your body.

Carbohydrates: You should not avoid or cut-off carbohydrates from your diet completely. You need to eat whole grains or food which have low glycemic index. You need to learn how to eat ‘smart’ carbohydrates if you want to keep your weight off. Now, if you are wondering what these ‘smart’ carbohydrates are – you should know that these are those foods which help to raise your blood sugar very slowly and carbohydrates which have high fiber. Thus, choose foods which are rich in fiber – check out the nutritional labels of the food, to know more about them.

Vegetables: It is advisable to include more vegetables in your diet. Try not to deep fry vegetables or Thyroid diet should be more of vegetables and fresh fruitsdo not have them in thick sauces as these are loaded with oils. You can have boiled vegetables with a little seasoning. Vegetable soups can be real healthy for your body. Have them anytime you feel hungry.

Meat and sea-food – You should include meat and seafood in your diet as these contain essential proteins and minerals. However, you should have them cooked in very little oil and with NO gravy as much as possible.

Snacking: You have to stop snacking completely no matter how hungry you feel. In most cases we mistake our thirst signals as signals of hunger and then promptly start munching snacks – avoid this completely. Instead you can mix some L-Glutamine powder in water and have that water whenever you feel hungry. If you still feel hungry you can have some low carbohydrate snacks.

Butter: Stay away from hydrogenated oils. Whenever you buy any food check its food labels and use real butter instead of hydrogenated oils in your food. Hydrogenated butter has trans fats which are not good for your body. Instead, it is always good to have butter in moderation.

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Dieting For Thyroid Patients