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Tips for Eating Out On a Diet

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If you are on a diet and you love dining out, then I have some great tips for eating out on a diet. If you follow these tips for eating out on a diet, there wouldn’t be any need for panicking at the thought of restaurants! Whenever we think of restaurants, we imagine oversized food portions and a choice of fattening irresistible foods. But, that doesn’t mean your dreams of eating out again will be doomed, now that you are on a nutritionist’s diet. Just follow these simple and easy tips for eating out on a diet, and you will be able to enjoy outdoor meals even while maintaining a healthy eating.

Tips for eating out while on a diet 

Eating-Out-On-a-DietGet ready for dinner tonight

There are a plenty of restaurants which have their entire menu up on the internet for everyone to see. Make use of this online menu sitting right at your home and take time to pick out the healthy options from the long list of foods. If a restaurant, where you are planning to dine tonight doesn’t have their menu available online, call them up if you have their number and simply request them to fax you a copy of their menu. 

Let the appetizer play your main course 

Appetizers are always the most reasonably portioned food in any restaurant. Besides, they save you a great deal of money. So, it is always a smart idea to make the appetizers your main course food. Go for some low calorie appetizers and fiber rich fresh salad. Soups are always filling and great options to go for, as long as you are not ordering cream based versions.


Watch out for the high-fat words

In the restaurant menu, you will easily spot foods with words like cream sauce, oil, breaded, butter, au gratin, batter-dipped, smothered, with gravy, whipped cream, Alfred and battered. These are usually enlisted in the “extras” section of the menu. Unless and until you have been living on a strict diet for the last few weeks, these extras aren’t really advisable for you. Sometimes, you can just make special requests to the chef to cut down on certain fatty ingredients from your food owing to your special dietary needs. That means, you can simply request for a diet friendly food with the right proportion or choice of certain ingredients, dressings and sauces.

Lean is in

When you have to order meat, go for a meat that’s fatless. In other words, choose lean meat and also make sure your meat doesn’t belong to a deep fried recipe. Go for the healthier meat options like baked, poached, broiled, steamed, boiled and grilled. Also, be partial to white meat, which definitely has lesser calories than red meat.

Split the meal

When eating out while on a diet, it is always a good idea to split the food with the other diners who have joined you for the treat. Allow yourself small portions of the ordered meal and this way, you can enjoy good food without fully indulging on the calorie loaded dishes. In other cases, you can simply ask the restaurant to foil pack you the rest of the ordered meal, after you have separated a small portion of it for having it in the restaurant.

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Tips For Eating Out On A Diet