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Top 10 foods to build strong muscles

Muscle-building, like any other art, is tons of hard-work and dedication. How do you shed those kilos and build  muscle for a well-defined frame supporting a good structure? It’s the team work of the ‘dynamic duo’ – your food and exercise to give you the result. So here is a list of top10 foods to build strong muscles.

top 10 foods for building strong muscles - get to know the ten to become muscular

These top 10 foods will give you a boost of energy, which you can skilfully channel to a workout or exercise regimen to build muscles.

•    Fish : There is something fishy about the fish that it seems to  bear all the vital nutrients of nature. Fish are rich in amino-acids, the building blocks for proteins, which in turn are the foundation of our body –structure, especially the muscle. A healthy, balanced-diet includes optimum level of proteins in your diet, but fish is an exquisite source of proteins. which can enrich a not-so-balanced diet. Additionally, the omega 3 fatty acid content in fish is crucial to prevent muscle degeneration.

•    Sweet potatoes : Enriched with potassium and antioxidants, sweet potatoes help to build and maintain muscle-mass. The antioxidant content in sweet potatoes helps in muscle-tissue repair and regeneration. Potassium on the other hand helps  in negating the effect of acidic by-products of  dairy foods.

•    Low-fat yoghurt: A high source of protein, Vitamin-D, potassium and calcium, low-fat yoghurt accelerates the muscle-building process. Vitamin D is important to catalyse the building of muscle tissues and so is calcium.  A minimum of six to eight ounces of low-fat yoghurt daily can give you the required supply of Vitamin D and calcium for the day and thus rates as one of the Top 10 foods to build strong muscles.

•    Apple : An apple a day can also keep the muscles hale, apart from keeping the doctor away. Yes, these cherubic fruits fortified with anti-oxidants, is what your muscles need as a breather. More so, fruits in general do tons of good to the body’s overall well-being.

•    Pumpkin seeds: The fatty vegetable has the seeds of grandma’s secrets for muscle building and weight-loss. Pumpkin seeds contain a good amount of iron, magnesium, copper, and manganese, which all work in perfect coordination for muscle-building.  For instance magnesium is essential for building protein, which is turn helps to build muscle.

•    Tomatoes : High in anti-oxidants and lycopene, tomatoes are a must-include in your diet, if you intend going for a muscle-building objective, as both the essential protein lyocpene and antioxidants aid in muscle building. It is less wonder that tomatoes are rated as one of the top10 foods for building strong muscles.

•    Spinach : The green, leafy wonder. Where doesn’t it feature in? From fad-diets, to weight-loss, or beauty-oriented diet…the list is endless. Enriched with a multitude of vitamins, spinach has all the essential nutrients to build and tone up your muscles. Additionally the vegetable is alkaline by nature, which helps to prevent muscle loss or degeneration.

•    Whole eggs : The yolk of muscle-power. With a rich source of nutrients in the way of vitamin D , A and proteins to give the booster to your muscular tissue, egg cholesterol can also increase the potential of the testosterone hormone, which can essentially help in building muscles; thus eggs join the list of top 10 foods for building strong muscles.

•    Quinoa : Quinoa is a carbohydrate-rich grain, which is fortified with potassium, protein and iron. Carbohydrates are a must as they are a ready source of energy thus imperative for building muscle-mass. The other minerals present in Quinoa are essential for building healthy muscles.

•    Water : The universal solvent or may be the element, is not a food, but is very crucial if you are keen on retaining the muscle mass you have gained. Especially after a workout, a good quantity of water prevents dehydration and also helps to hold the muscle mass you would have gained during the exercises. Water the universal, thus makes it to the top 10 foods for building strong muscles.

Energy, exercise and build – the trio of inputs for muscle-building and the top 10 foods for building strong muscles triumphantly echo the trio!


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Top 10 Foods To Build Strong Muscles