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The Cookie Diet - Eat Cookies to Melt the Fat

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The Cookie Diet - Eat Cookies to Melt the Fat Eat cookies to melt the fat! Apparently, you read it right! Have you ever heard of Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet? Siegal’s diet plan actually promises to shed 10 pounds in just about a month. This cookies diet is an especially designed diet plan that involves six packaged cookies in a day. Apart from cookies, you have to ideally consume one meal of steamed veggies and skinless chicken. 

Cookie Diet Plan 

Cookies diet plan has a very simple concept. You eat six cookies in a day and reduce that extra flab from your tummy. The idea is instead of leaving your favorite fatty food, make it weapon to fight with the fat. There are many diets that recommend you to give up cookies and other such food, whereas cookie diet allows you to snack the cookies throughout the day. 

How Cookie Diet Works

Follow the guidelines to see some real work happening in your body through cookie diet:

1. First of all you need to buy Dr. Siegal’s diet plan cookies that usually come in a week’s supply. These are generally available in a 42 cookies pack costing $59.95.

2. Then, you have to start eating at least six cookies in a day. One cookie usually has 80 calories, so that makes it 480 calories a day. Further, always remember to drink a lot of water after eating the cookies. This way you will fill full after just one cookie.      

3. You can eat another cookie in case you feel hungry after 15 minutes of eating one cookie. Ideally, you should feel full after eating 2 cookies in a gap of 15 minutes along with lots of water.

4. Apart from eating six cookies in the morning, you will also have to eat a meal of just about 500 to 700 calories in a day. 

This cookies diet will contribute 1000 to 1200 calories to your body in a day. Therefore, you will easily shed some extra pounds from the body, if you can follow the cookie diet regularly. So, this is why cookies diet is now considered to be one of the most simple diet plans. You just have to consume your favorite cookies and bother only about the less than 700 calorie meal. Now, believe me when I say eat cookies to melt the fat!

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The Cookie Diet - Eat Cookies To Melt The Fat