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Fake Bud Light, And Aquafina Water Report

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In this video Dr Mercola exposes fraud and deception unleashed by food companies. Bud light has only 30% less calorie but tagged light. Aquafina a Pepsi product takes deception to the next level. It is selling artificially sweetened water as diet water. Unbelievable that Pepsi would try to sell this to you!

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Fake Bud light, and Aquafina water Report
Video expresses satire and disappointment on how deceptive the company products have become, especially the aquafina, or bud light. Aquafina is considered a diet water health substitute, but video arms you against the protection of such fake description of health drinks.

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this a very common problem. Thanks doctor for nice suggestions!
Fake Bud Light, And Aquafina Water Report Video, Fake Bud Light, And Aquafina Water Report