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Negative Calorie Foods and Weight Loss

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Negative Calorie Foods and Weight Loss

Negative Calorie Foods and Weight Loss

Author: Robert Baird

There are various reasons that lead an individual towards gaining weight and obesity is a necessary evil which can affect the individual's health considerably. While there can be multifarious causes for obesity, one of the most prevalent causes is definitely the consumption of junk food. Junk foods are abundant in high calorie ingredients and with the emergence of scores of fast food chains worldwide, consumption of junk food have increased manifold times. It is more alarming to note that a growing number of young children constitute the maximum junk food eaters which has also increased child obesity greatly. Therefore, what is necessary is that junk food consumption needs to be reduced or even abandoned completely if possible in order to ensure weight loss. Also, it is important in these cases to replace the junk food in the diet with certain negative calorie foods which refer to food stuff which aids in weight loss. The most important characteristic of these negative calorie foods are the fact that they are made up of lesser calorie constituents than is actually required for digesting them. The negative calorie foods are extremely beneficial and their most important function is fat burning. This happens by means of the following process. The negative calorie foods contain calories which cannot be used by the body readily and therefore, much more effort needs to be put in by the body organs to extract the calorie from these foods. Moreover, since there are very insignificant proportions of calorie available to the body, there is also a very scant possibility of these calories transforming into fats. Therefore they act as natural fat burning foods facilitating weight loss. Therefore here weight loss occurs by burning the calorie content in food.

There are several food items which are extremely beneficial for weight loss and are considerably important as negative calorie food as well. These include fruits like turnip, watermelon, mango, apple, cranberry, blueberry, strawberry, tomato etc. and vegetables like cucumber, carrot, cauliflower, cabbage, onion, radish, lettuce, asparagus, papaya, beets, hot chili, zucchini, spinach etc. These are some of the food ingredients which should comprise the daily diet of an obese individual rep0lacing the junk food contents to ensure effective weight loss. There are also certain researchers who believe that while nothing like ‘negative calorie' food actually exist, these ingredients can aid weight loss by increasing metabolic rates. However, the whole theory about negative calorie food remains gripped in controversies and are not acceptable to a lot of scholars due to lack of scientific evidence.

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The idea that certain foods could take more energy to digest them than they actually provide in and of themselves certainly took the diet industry by storm. The notion that you could eat from a list of "wonder foods" and not only not put on weight but help counteract some of the calories contained in the rest of your diet certainly has an instant appeal. The sad fact is, however, that all foods contain calories. Some, not that many. However the body has one thing which actively works against you. It's the most efficient engine known to man. The calories delivered by even the lightest foods render many times more energy than is required to digest them. However, in the interest of completeness, here is a list of foods which are claimed by some to be negative calorie foods. asparagus beet broccoli green cabbage carrot cauliflower celery root celery chicory hot chili peppers cucumber dandelion endive garden cress garlic green beans zucchini apple cranberries grapefruit lemon mango orange pineapple raspberries strawberries tangerine lamb's lettuce lettuce onion papaya radishes spinach turnip Source:
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Thank you for sharing such a nice post, you explained very good information about the food what should be take for weight loss...
Negative Calorie Foods And Weight Loss