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How Many Weight Watchers Points In Butter?

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Weight watchers diet program successfully involves the participants in planning their own diets based on a unique point systemI many a times get to see people wondering about the number of weight watchers points in butter, cola, bread, or any such food without really knowing what Weight Watcher’s point system is all about. Before I tell you how many Weight watchers points butter and other such foods let me first explain what weight watchers point system is all about. Weight watchers diet program was developed in 1963 by a Brooklyn resident to aid millions of people looking for credible ways to reduce weight. This program helps people to reduce weight by encouraging portion control and self-discipline via a unique and easy to follow food point system.

The weight watchers program assigns food points to each and every food based on the food’s calorie value, fat content, and fiber content. Foods with low fat and high fiber content have a low food point and vice versa. Participants are allowed to eat whatever they wish to until they count and control the total points of food they consume. Thus, instead of worrying about the total fat, calories, sugars, fibers, etc., in a food, one can portion and eat whatever they like by just counting the food point that they consume.

So now, back to the actual question, how many weight watchers points in butter;  butter as we all know is very high in fat, and has almost no fiber, hence 1 tsp of butter (i.e. approximately 5gms) equals to 1 weight watchers point. Now 1 usual serving of butter is 2 tsps, thus 1 serving of butter will give you 2 weight watchers points. 

A person with an ideal body weight is allowed to consume around 20 to 25 weight watchers points. Armed with this knowledge you can now plan how many servings or teaspoonfuls of butter you would like to consume each day. Follow this link to find out how many weight watcher points are present in other commonly consumed foods. 

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How Many Weight Watchers Points In Butter?