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Diet Drama of Britney Spears!

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I seriously hope that any young girls who are still looking up to Britney decide not to copy her latest stunt…



OK Magazine is reporting in their latest issue that Britney Spears was so upset after seeing herself at the VMA’s (calling herself a fat pig) that she refused to eat a thing.

The article goes on to claim that Britney has been suffering from severe restriction-and -binging food cycles for quite some time now. For example, one moment she will eat tons of junk food. The next, she would restrict herself to under 500 calories and do thousands of crunches. She is also allegedly addicted to diet pills and high-energy drinks, plus excuses herself quite frequently from the table when dining with friends.



Not to mention the bulimia rumors that have been going on for a while now…


On September 12th, Britney sent Alli Sims to the local Ralph’s grocery store for this impressive list of junk food:


  • Ice-cream cake
  • Haagen-Dazs
  • Coca-cola classic soda
  • frozen pizzas - pepperoni
  • Minute maid orange juice
  • Oreo cookies family pack
  • three large bags of Doritos

What does this sound like to you all? I think she is suffering from a variety of eating disorders (among other things).


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Diet Drama Of Britney Spears!