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Shahrukh Khan Tips For Developing Six Pack Abs SRK Style

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The whole world knows that Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan went from drab to fab with six-pack abs just for his son, Aryan Khan. But what every health fanatic wants to know is that how did he manage to do so. While exercising must be a part of it, diet would have had a definite role to play too. So, here are the dietary tips for developing six pack abs SRK style:



Low Carbs, High Protein



Go slow on carbohydrates and get going on proteins if you want to look like SRK with six pack abs.



Shed Carbs



While you need to shun the simple carbohydrates like biscuits, sugar, potato wafers, white rice, white bread, etc, completely, you may keep complex carbohydrates in your diet for they also contain a high fibre content, such as brown rice, wheat bread, yam, cereals, and vegetables, etc.


Love Proteins



You will have to resort to eating more of proteins as found in lean meats, egg whites, skimmed milk, cottage cheese, pulses, and fish.



After Workout



After every strenuous workout, do not forget to have a protein drink, not only to save up on energy but also to build upon muscle portion of your body.



Drink Water



Nothing could be simpler than this advice. Yes! Drink enough water so as to not let your body bloat because of water retention.



Avoid Sweets



Control your sweet tooth. Avoid sweets even if you cannot do without them. In order to satisfy your sugar craving, eat fruits.



The Director’s Cut



While the world heaped praise on the Bollywood Badshah for looking like million bucks with his six pack abs, his director, Farah Khan, who was instrumental in him getting his pack, said at the time, “Most directors want their heroines to stand under a waterfall but I love to see Shah Rukh taking his shirt off. Shah Rukh needs to be physically very fit. He is essaying a very physically challenging role (for a movie). He needs to get his shoulder thing done and we are sure that he will be in perfect shape by the end of this year to go through the strenuous exercise regime and hectic shooting schedules.”



An Insider’s Tip



For those who want to know more, here is SRK’s personal trainer, Prashant Sawant, describing how he helped the Badshah get into the groove:

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Shahrukh Khan Tips For Developing Six Pack Abs SRK Style