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Can you Eat Bananas when dieting?

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This is a question that confuses many who claim to know all about diets. Can you eat bananas when dieting? What diets allow you to eat bananas, and what diets forbid them?

Dont avoid Bananas in your diet, keep them happy!


Why do they say that you can’t eat bananas when dieting?

Most dietitians believe that bananas must be avoided during a diet. This is because bananas are the fruits with the highest calories, most of which is in the form of carbohydrates.

Why don’t you have to avoid bananas in a diet?

The carbohydrates found in bananas are not the same as those found in baked food sand other starchy food items. Bananas have a mix of good carbohydrates that can be digested quickly. Along with the carbohydrates they have very little amounts of protein and fat.

In fact banana’s high glycemic index makes it the best fruit to have if you are on a diet which combines strenuous exercise along with controlled food intake. It gives you that instant burst of energy that you need. Banana has a high potassium level and it also replenishes electrolytes fast. Now you know why you often catch tennis players chowing down on a banana in between the matches!

Only those on a low carbohydrate diet would need to avoid bananas as well as melons because these fruits have a high level of carbohydrates.

The status of bananas in popular diet plans.

Atkins Diet

It focuses on consuming high fat meats, dairy, poultry, eggs, oils, butter, cream, salad vegetables and small amounts of nuts, fruit, beans, whole grains and vegetables. There is no definite restriction on bananas in particular but there is one on fruits in general.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet encourages the consumption of chicken, turkey, fish, almost all vegetables, nuts, low fat cheese whole grains, fruits, beans and low fat milk in the second phase. But it does restrict the consumption of carrots, bananas, pineapple and watermelon.

The Ultimate Weight Solution, Dr. Phil

This diet encourages everyone to understand the environment they are in and develop lifestyle and food habits that fit into it. They do not place any restrictions on bananas.

The Morning Banana Diet-

This diet, also called the Asa Banana Diet, involves the consumption of close to four bananas for breakfast and then a normal routine food minus desserts and drinks.

So, can you eat bananas when dieting? It depends on the diet you are on..but remember; fruit is fruit, and in the end a banana is much healthier than a bag of chips.

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Can You Eat Bananas When Dieting?