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Diet Tips From Ali Vincent – Winner Of ‘Biggest Loser’

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Ali Vincent, the 2008 winner of NBC’s popular series “The Biggest Loser”, is a happy woman today after losing 112 pounds and gaining back her confidence. She is today a very popular public speaker and goes to a lot of events where she shares her diet tips so that others who want to lose weight can do so without any difficulty.

It was 2 years ago that Ali, then weighing 234 pounds, decided to take control of her life in her own hands. After years of wearing stretch pants and larger t-shirts, Ali was motivated enough to take part in the hit show, “The Biggest Loser,” wherein she sweated and dieted to lose 112 pounds in 5 months and became a new svelte person. Ali Vincent joined the Biggest Loser and lost 112 pounds in 5 months

Besides being the show’s first female winner, Ali also regained her old self, which she was when she was a competitive athlete. Nobody could be happier than Ali at this progress.

According to the show organizers, following are the 2 tips that Ali followed to lose 112 pounds in 5 months:

1. Ali Vincent’s weight-loss workouts mainly consisted of interval training as well other exercises ranging between moderate and intense.

2. Her daily diet was limited to only 1200 calories per day.

Speaking about her dietary habits that helped her, along with vigorous exercise, lose such a large amount of weight, Ali enlists a few of the habits:

1) A balanced diet is the key to lose weight and still stay healthy.

2) She eats anything she feels like eating, she just eats it differently.

3) She started with smaller changes like grilling her food instead of frying, eating wheat or sprouted grain bread instead of white, water instead of Pepsi.

4) Her plates became smaller so that she could find healthier ways to eat her favorite foods.

5) One of Ali’s favorite sayings is “If I can’t taste it, don’t waste it.” By this she means that instead of going for a cheese sandwich loaded with hummus, sprouts, turkey, avocado, etc, she gets her fix of cheese by making a little quesadilla.

Ali has become so famous today because of her resolve and achievement that she is today invited to speak and motivate hundreds of other overweight and obese men and women so that they can one day be as proud of their bodies as Ali is.

In her “biggest piece of advice” to potential weight-losers, Ali says, “if you change nothing, start writing everything down and become conscious of your choices.” She herself has kept a daily journal on her food intake, activity and emotional health, which allowed her to take stock of her life and make changes wherever necessary.

In order to reach out to more and more people, Ali has also jotted down her experience in a book, “Believe it, Be it.” In order to buy this book or to know more about Ali Vincent, you can visit

If you want to see for yourself, her journey from being fat to fab, visit Ali’s weight-loss video here.
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Diet Tips From Ali Vincent – Winner Of ‘Biggest Loser’