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Victoria Beckham Dipping on Salt & Vinegar Diet

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Victoria Beckham Dipping on Salt&Vinegar Diet                

In order to maximize the minimal look, the “Spice” girl Victoria Beckham is taking a dip in vinegar and salt. Yes, the skinny 'Victoria Beckham dipping on Salt & Vinegar Diet' is a latest buzz in town. Victoria has always been in news for her fitness and diet routine. After dismissing the starvation claims, Victoria was also in news for her strawberry diet in 2007. Recently, it was revealed that Victoria was surviving on salt baths and vinegar drinks to get that perfectly toned body. These Epsom Salt baths are recommended to lose 5lb overnight. She also sipped apple cider vinegar and still water to speed up the metabolism. So, girls you can follow Victoria Beckham Salt & Vinegar Diet to match up with the latest fashion trends. 

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Victoria Beckham Dipping On Salt & Vinegar Diet