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The secret of John Abraham's muscles!

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The secret of Muscle Man! 

John Abraham : one of the hottest muscles star from bollywood!



Fitness, says John Abraham,is like a tripod stand .”It has three legs-good food, good sleep and good routine .Without that you are not really up to speed,” says the vegetarian actor who indulges in fish occasionally.



Here‘s  how John stays in shape:


 John’s breakfast consists of six egg whites, a glass of fruit juice ,couple of slices of toast with butter ,ten almonds and “my customary two cups of tea”.



He keeps munching something light every couple of  hours ,because his body needs it.” The Kind of action I do and the work I put in drains me ,so I need to put back into my body a  little every couple of hours, “he says.



For lunch ,he has atta chapattis, yellow dal, spinach and some stir-fried vegetables. Potatoes ,sweet potatoes and yams ,which fitness trainers from upon ,are his favorites.” But then,” as John puts it ,”everybody has his vices.”



Next he has a snack and protein shake and after his work out, he has corn, or something to munch on ,some soup and vegetarian supper.

“I don’t take any steroids or growth hormones ;I never have ,“John clarifies.



 His protein shakes are the only supplements he takes .Being a vegetarian ,he has find alternative sources of proteins .”Meat give you a chain of 21 proteins ,”he explains. “Tofu and spinach give you 17 in one chain and five in another .But it is practically impossible to always have that .So my protein shakes are an absolute necessity.”



John does not believe in crash diets or fat diets .They only damage your body .John believe in burning calories ,not controlling them .



His message .”You must always eat right .Eat the right kind of food but eat well .Do not starve yourself because you tend to bloat up.”

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The Secret Of John Abraham's Muscles!