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The secret of John Abraham's muscles!

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The secret of Muscle Man! 

John Abraham : one of the hottest muscles star from bollywood!



Fitness, says John Abraham,is like a tripod stand .”It has three legs-good food, good sleep and good routine .Without that you are not really up to speed,” says the vegetarian actor who indulges in fish occasionally.



Here‘s  how John stays in shape:


 John’s breakfast consists of six egg whites, a glass of fruit juice ,couple of slices of toast with butter ,ten almonds and “my customary two cups of tea”.



He keeps munching something light every couple of  hours ,because his body needs it.” The Kind of action I do and the work I put in drains me ,so I need to put back into my body a  little every couple of hours, “he says.



For lunch ,he has atta chapattis, yellow dal, spinach and some stir-fried vegetables. Potatoes ,sweet potatoes and yams ,which fitness trainers from upon ,are his favorites.” But then,” as John puts it ,”everybody has his vices.”



Next he has a snack and protein shake and after his work out, he has corn, or something to munch on ,some soup and vegetarian supper.

“I don’t take any steroids or growth hormones ;I never have ,“John clarifies.



 His protein shakes are the only supplements he takes .Being a vegetarian ,he has find alternative sources of proteins .”Meat give you a chain of 21 proteins ,”he explains. “Tofu and spinach give you 17 in one chain and five in another .But it is practically impossible to always have that .So my protein shakes are an absolute necessity.”



John does not believe in crash diets or fat diets .They only damage your body .John believe in burning calories ,not controlling them .



His message .”You must always eat right .Eat the right kind of food but eat well .Do not starve yourself because you tend to bloat up.”

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nehapaul's picture
nice interview of John Abraham. I like John very much .
xymic's picture
I like his personality =D Nice tips, gives us other guys a chance to be healthy like him.
HAMID KARIM's picture
I think john is better and young he has good muscles
HAMID KARIM's picture
I think john is better and young he has good muscles
pg's picture
john is a badly inspiring man for body building as to me
sambit mohapatra's picture
my favorite hero on bollywood ,and also favorite modeler....
bjpin's picture
i look like john abraham
sharaf's picture
it's really great......! now me too get started with his routine
Service Apartments in Bangalore's picture
Superb body just as best as that.
debanjan's picture
nice tips..i like big fan of john.
haroon's picture
I love u john.u r my ideal.GOD bless u.u just likje my big brother
sujit's picture
I liked your tips & I love your body
imran khan's picture
john i like u so much ,i want to build body like you...
niraj naik's picture
great body i like ur physique.
deependra singh's picture
john sir, i love u very much, u looking soo u
Anshad's picture
great tips man!!! u got a really nice shaped and well toned body. keep it up>>..\m/.. god bless you....
rickey's picture
hey john.. u have de best body in bollywood... n really admire it.. gonna follow ur tips cya.. wish 2 meet u in person sum day ;) me ur big time fan..!
sandesh Junjannavar's picture
Hey john u have a attractive body.....thanks for sharing your to be like you...will surely follow
priyank sharma's picture
john you are so handsome.
Ashutosh sachan's picture
Witout any doubt you have besh body in bollywood but i like your acting first.
shankey.'s picture
john i like ur body more then salman
Mahmood's picture
I also luv john's body but ..... John's body iz much more than Salman but not as gud as salman ..coz salman's body is in very gud shape.....he maintained his body since many yrs
pappu's picture
hey john ur simple superb in body building in bolluwood
N@render's picture
hi jo meri back aap se jada hai
samy's picture
hi john, how r u? i like your body.i'm everyday going gym pls tell me .wht eat before & after gym.i'm vegetarian. my weight is 89kgs
chief!!'s picture
r u pure vegetarian???? its great.....
hanif's picture
hey john u looking like me yaar
awais ch's picture
hi dear................plz contect me +923434624890
rishab's picture
i dont believe that he doesnt take any steroid, not possible
john i want to meet to you so when are you free to meet me...common yaar i m your big should have to meet yaar...why u wanna meet to next birth hmmm listen john next birth hota hai ki nahi hota kaun janta hai main to kehta hoon...isi birth mein milte hain..kya kehna hai bhai john abraham ji...........pls call me..if u can pls....8303676448..pls john i love you so much.....uuummmmaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh....
how much u like john shows as to how much we follow on his steps...........
Anonymous's picture
vegetarians do NOT eat fish or egg. he is NOT a vegetarian!!
duryodhan kumbhar's picture
good morning sir i am your big fan actually...i want to grow my muscle like muscle size is 19 but one problem are there..and that is my belly, it have thoo how can i lose it......please replay me......................
Anonymous's picture
nice tips john
Safari's picture
Jon - what's your workout schedule? Do you do supersets what about Cardio? Can you give me the balance b/w muscle training and cardio please.
unlucky's picture
john u make ma life so hard coz ma fiance love u r body nd this s wht i dnt like always talking of u r body 2 me i m feeling so jalous. 2 make body like u i do train very hardly but i m nt hopless tht i can make body like u dnt know wht 2 do 2 impressed her. i love tht stupid very lot but she like u in her cell phone wall paper s u r photo also in her laptop wall paper.
hanan butt's picture
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sadddddddddddd
tanmoy's picture
which gym john goes!!!! me will catch it up!!!
hanan butt's picture
john is the true fitness idol
nitish's picture
I am a vegeterian and want to build a muscles but I have fats on my pot belly so what can I do to reduce it
Hunain's picture
Shoo nyc interview of John Abraham Sir i am your big fan.... I lyk ur body to much =p which supplement u will use to body gain ???
somnath's picture
Hi John Abraham i workout 9 year butmy dreams your abs @ rebosk musacle can help me
Anonymous's picture
sid soni's picture
i love u jhon i like your byshps
yours ,Murgan's picture
guyz plz dnt follow johns watever stupid routine ,john plz dnt be a bad example for youngsters ,MY deer friens ,Plz follow my rouite ---drink whiskey 3 glass minimum 60 ml alcohol(bagpiper or dsp ) morning for b fast with boil egg protein chakna with a samosa or batata vada to add calories , and afternoon 10*3 grams of ganja or hashish(grass)with chakna sweet peda with almond(note- make 3 joint instead of 1 chillam)and evening , DRINK tadi(sweet)or madi(sour)pure 1 jug= 4 galss i normall order 3-4 jugs(note -drinking daily increases ur quota ,mix or pure for heavy duty dinner tadi will increase your hunger appetizer fish fry(ravas fish my personal choice i order) and give u 100% good night sleep ,cheers to life -live healthy live it cool(LAST not the least- TADI+ MADI = SARAS BODY) CHEERSSSSS
Anonymous's picture
aray wo howle what the stupid routine u r following, if u r continue with the same early your family will say Ram Ram Satya hai on u. Guys dont follow this bloody routine........
Kishor Sharma's picture
To john listen carefully i really appricate u but i m coming to the bollywood n i dare u that i m more better than u i also participated in gladrags manhunt 2011 n i gone for final round but i have good physis as a model but unfortunately i don't know why mrs. Maureen Wadia din't understand me one day i would be a better model than John
parth roy's picture
john ilike your body muje bhi tumari tar bana ha so can you give the tips matalab tume se jadha bana to nhi paungha lekin try jarur karaungha.parth roy
zubair's picture
now a days john abraham is looking like bolywood hulk and left back to salman khan.
aman singh's picture
john you are the most zenuen , down the earth and sexiest personality of indian film industry you are the first indian whos body has been compared to international feternities like arnold and sylvestre stallone
hamza 's picture
sir my muscles size is 50 and iam your big fan what is the size of your muscels replay me as soon as possible
hamza 's picture
sir my muscles size is 50 and iam your big fan what is the size of your muscels replay me as soon as possible
hamza 's picture
sir my muscles size is 50 and iam your big fan what is the size of your muscels replay me as soon as possible
sreeju's picture
you have got the best body in the whole film industry, & u inspire all the youngsters to make a body like you.................john rocks!!!!!
Saurabh Bachiyani's picture
superb tips..!!
prashant's picture
i m u r big big big big fan in india i like to meeet u and give some compliment to fitness i like ur movie force and u r boddy ,,,and i dally see u r video and uplode u r pic to facebook i m the of fan in meharashtra i live in kalyan(mumbai)lest see u in face book i like u r attitude
Anonymous's picture
jhon have very hotest biceps........
Dipesh's picture
jhon have very hotest bicepes.......
pranjal protim's picture
hi john. u hv a great figure nd i like u
ish kaushik's picture
cool personality and as everyone says cool body
vishal verma 2175's picture
hi john you said that u r growing this much size of ur muscles is just bcoz of protien shakes i am also a bodybuilder and a fitness trainer to and i know u r on steroids these days don't deny that plz...
difficult's picture
nice tips gonna going 2 follow...
difficult's picture
nice tips gonna going 2 follow...
difficult's picture
nice tips gonna going 2 follow...
Walle's picture
Mostly Carbs for diet 8o person who typed this article is high on some crack 8o A body like that, Dieting and Protein is the only way :)
Samuel Nelson's picture
What are some suggestions for me if I use a p90x workout program instead of protein shakes? John looks great and everything, but I'm just not that into vegetarian stuff like he is, so it is harder for me to eat healthy and therefore stay fit. Thanks for the interview and the post!
Zafarely's picture
I am also studieing like John Abrahman
Subhankar Ganguly's picture
Hi Jone i'm bengali and i say u something in bengali.ami tomar big fan,ami tomar moto body banate try korchi.and i thing so je ami tomar moto body banate parbo.because i'm daily follow your rule and regulations.plz call me (9547959068)
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The Secret Of John Abraham's Muscles!