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Amir Khan’s Diet Secrets for a Six pack

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Some time back Amir Khan said he wants to take cooking classes and now he has turned into a diet guru and this is how we come to know Amir Khan’s diet secrets. Recently he has posted an article on his Blog and seeking to form a network on healthy living. This is a good idea. Guys I smell a business opportunity behind.

Is Amir going to start a gym or company selling health and wellness soon?

Now let me tell you what he has advised his fans. His ideas sound a bit conservative though his personal life may not be. He tells us to go to a dietician who gives us a conservative diet chart and not the ones like color diet, all protein diet, or all carb diet etc.

All of us know that these serve temporary purpose but in the long run we soon return to, from where we have started. So we should do something that is normal and that we need to have lot rest. He emphasizes the need to rest. We need to eat and sleep properly as well.

Amir eats in measured quantity at frequent intervals. He visits a dietician called Dhurander who charges him 1000 rupees on the first visit and 500 rupees on the following visits.

Now that is Amir Khan’s diet secrets about maintaining his six pack. Did you know that all carb, all protein, Atkins’ diet etc did not work for Karan Johar as well. The secret to his maintenance of his body is no carbs in the evening. To know more on Amir Khan's diet secrets read his Blog.

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Amir Khan’s Diet Secrets For A Six Pack