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Mallika Sherawat’s diet secret that gives her the glow

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Mallika was at Cannes to promote her film Hiss. The hot actress has stepped into Hollywood with the oomph that Maradonna finds hard to resist. No one till now talks about her acting skills other than her boobs. If you enter a search on Google for her, you will find that there has been search revolving around Mallika Serawat kiss, Mallika Serawat boobs etc. So what is Mallika Sherawat’s diet secrets?

We agree that the road to Bollywood is tough indeed – there is not one road to Bollywood but many. Whatever road she might have resorted is not our concern as the world of cinema or any world of arts is never a cake walk. We need to applaud her for making it to Hollywood where many actresses with their Godfathers, connections and media have failed to make an entry and even if they have, they have made no impact except that they are Indians in Hollywood.

Now what keeps Mallika glowing?

It seems Mallika drinks only mineral water, Evian, imported from abroad. Water we all know is a big cleanser, it keeps us hydrated. Water helps all impurity pass through the urine.

Apart from water she eats water melons, and consumes one and half kg of sweet limes a day. Sweet limes, we know are rich in Vitamin C.

So lots of water and sweetlimes are doing the magic to the glowing lady.

Mallika’s love for Mangoes

Mallika eats a platter of fruits and she does eat mangoes. But did you know that she eats mangoes and only Hapoos and not the lengra or other variety. In this summer if you are not eating mangoes you are losing a lot of antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

So if you want your skin to be as radiant as Mallika, try fruits and water. Mallika what else? We want to know more of your dietary secrets!

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Mallika Sherawat’s Diet Secret That Gives Her The Glow