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Choose the Healthier Snack Bar

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Snack bars or protein bars have become an important component of our daily diet owing to the fast-paced life and a million activities that demand our undivided attention 24x7. Therefore, it is important for us to choose the healthier snack bar from among the alternatives present in the market today.

Since most of us keep busy in our professional and personal lives, food is the first and almost the only casualty as we try to rush from one chore to another. The invention of snack bar took care of our daily nutrition intake by substituting for meals skipped due to lack of time. Most of us find it difficult to sit down for an elaborate and balanced meal while trying to fit in as much work as we can into the 24 hours. Therefore, it is important to choose the healthier snack bar from the available alternatives so that you don’t ruin your nutrition supply.

The things that you should look for while you choose the healthier snack bar:
1.    Look for what is given in the nutritional label including the percentage of protein, fiber, sugar, etc.
2.    Check the calorie percentage
3.    You must ensure that the product does not contain any trans fat, because it is really bad for your heart.
4.    Always prefer whole-wheat or whole grain choices.
In addition to the tips, here are the nutritional facts about four top snack bar brands in the market today, which will help you to make an informed choice. After reading this, the next time you pick up a snack bar in the supermarket, you know what you are getting inside the wrapper!

Comparison between popular snack bar brands:

Brand        lories    Calories from fat    Protein    Fiber    Price per bar    Info available at

Focus 28     170                   45                 10g         4g              $1.43

Luna           180                   50                  8g          3g              $1.25

Snickers      280                130                  4g           1g              $1   

Kashi          290                  60                 13g           6g              $1.55

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Choose The Healthier Snack Bar