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Baby Food Diet for Jennifer Aniston

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babdy food diet for Jennifer AnistonWith a body to make any women half of her jealous, Jennifer Aniston is again in news for her fitness. This 41 years old diva’s quest for perfection with the body has taken a step further. As per the latest buzz, Jennifer Aniston is on a baby food diet. Planned by one of the most popular celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, this new diet routine for Jennifer Aniston is the talk of the town now-a-days. 

The baby food diet basically means that you are trading the usual size meal for baby food jar. The meal generally comprises of fruit smoothies, pureed oatmeal, soups with dandelion greens, pears with cinnamon, and the dinner contains lots of vegetables and lean meats. Tracy Anderson, who has worked on many big celebrities like Madonna, Courteney Cox Arquette and Gwyneth Paltrow, specially crafted this crash diet for Jennifer. The lustrous Aniston has lost almost 7lbs in just about a week. She started with this new regime while she was shooting for the latest venture ‘Just Go with It’ in Hawaii.’ 

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Baby Food Diet For Jennifer Aniston