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Michael Johnson’s Magical Fitness and Diet Mantras

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Michael Johnson or also known as ‘Magic’ Johnson due to his power to weave magic in the court is known for his tough fitness and dietary program. As one of the finest NBA players, Michael Johnson has always been aware of how important it is to maintain a fine balance between mental agility and physical strength. Despite facing a number of major setbacks in life, Michael Johnson has always bounced back and shown how mental strength and willpower combined with an effective fitness regime can make one a winner again both on and off the court. Most basketball enthusiasts and fitness freaks including me have tried to constantly borrow few notes from Michael’s glorious sports career and life.

Michael Johnson Diet Secrets

The magic behind Michael’s stellar performances

The magic to Michael’s exemplary performance can be traced to his well-thought and strenuous fitness regime. The prerequisite for any great basketball player is the flexibility, agility, strength and endurance to play this fast paced game. Usually the fitness training involves a combination of cardio and strength building especially for the legs because the player has to always rise and shoot the ball into the hoop. Usually weight training involves a comprehensive program where the focus is to maintain a high level of intensity and follow a proper technique. Though it is difficult to pinpoint any specific circuit or routine that Michael Johnson has followed; however, some of the most tried and tested workouts include squats on unstable object, walkouts on hands, push-ups on med, ball sit-ups and leg-raises.

Nothing magical about Michael’s diet

Michael Johnson like most topnotch basketball players follows a dietary plan that is a combination of healthy and nutritious foods. To enjoy a healthy sustenance, it is important to enjoy a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Most basketball players require carbohydrates more as this provides the fuel to sustain for a longer period of time. A balanced diet is the key and it can start with the breakfast that can include orange juice, a large bowl of cereals and a banana. Lunch can be a combination of two turkey sandwiches, an apple, oatmeal cookies and milk while for dinner two chicken breasts, potatoes, steamed vegetables and a roll is ideal. Anyone following a balanced diet cannot go wrong in any manner and is sure to come close to building a physique like the famous Michael Johnson. You can also do magic!

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Michael Johnson’s Magical Fitness And Diet Mantras