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Say hello to Pistachios: your new weight-loss experts!!

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A recent study at the Loma Linda University found that “although nuts contain fat and are energy-dense, their consumption did not cause an increase in body weight.” Well, here is something to cheer about, specially since your search for that perfect snack, which also helps you to keep your body weight in check, has turned out futile till now.
Welcome to the world of pistachios, which will help you in managing your weight without the cruel suppression of your mid-meal hunger pangs. In another study, conducted by the UCLA researchers they asked their subjects to substitute their high-calorie foods such as candy bars, dairy products, buttered popcorn or potato chips with pistachio. It was concluded that the Pistachio diet was successful in controlling their body weight as well as calorie intake, both of which are closely related, of course.
These and similar other studies have, time and again, indicated that nuts are a healthy way to lose your weight or balance your diet. However, here, we will talk mainly of pistachios and how they can be called the new “wonder-snack”:
1) Pistachios provide high satiety: With their good amount of protein, fat and dietary fiber, pistachios provide a sense of fullness when consumed in between meals, thus, not allowing you to grab that bar of chocolate or the bag of potato chips. A snack of about 30 pistachios yields only about a 100 calories. Howzzat!!!!
2) Pistachios slow down consumption: Expert of behavioural eating Dr. James Patiner, Chair of the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at the Eastern Illinois University, has come up with a "Pistachio principle." This simple technique of calorie reduction is based on the fact that with the time taken to remove pistachios from their shells, people can actually devote more time to this activity while eating less in return. Smart principle that is!!!
3) Pistachios offer high dietary fiber: Pistachios are considered one of the highest fiber nuts with a 30 gram serving of pistachios serving you about 12% of your daily fiber needs. And with more dietary fiber in your diet, you can control your blood sugar, lower your cholestrol and manage your weight.
Experts maintain that nut consumption is associated with a lower body mass index and has not been shown to cause weight gain. Well, what more evidence do you need now? Get up and grab a bag of pistachios from the nearest supermarket and eat your way to good health and weight management!!

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Say Hello To Pistachios: Your New Weight-loss Experts!!