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Is Lindsay Lohan Diet Plan Good Enough?

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While going through a Hollywood magazine, I found something worth to share about the super skinny bombshell Lindsay Lohan diet plans. The 5’6” tall actress is living on this earth with a body weighing just 112 pounds. This might sound skinny to all of you, but she is missing all the muscles from her body too. It seems that not eating anything and losing weight has become the real time hobby of Lindsay. We understand that being skinny and slim is in fashion but killing your body to get a suitable outlook is really not cool. Let’s take a hard look at Lindsay lohan’s diet plan:
1. For Breakfast- Lindsay survives on 2/3 egg whites and one banana
2. For Lunch- Three slices of turkey and chicken or ham with tomato + lettuce
3. For Snack- Two boiled whites or an apple
4. For Dinner- Salmon Fillet cooked using olive oil + a vegetables cup.

This might show that Lindsay Lohan diet secret plan is healthier but it’s definitely not enough to energize the body. According to nutritionists and doctors, the result of this diet plan can even cause some serious health issues and may increase the risk of osteoporosis. Moreover, the rumors are also high about Lohan’s experiment with liquid diet. Few days back, she was only surviving on red bull and cigs. The star diet was designed by her trainer Justin Gelband and is one of the prime controversial heath topics today.

Lindsay Lohan diet secretsLindsay Lohan diet plan did make her lose weight and helped her to be skinny, but what about the other healthy issues. I mean, having only 700-800 calories a day is definitely not good enough for the body. For me, she did used to look great earlier, but now??????? We all must not forget that eating healthy in proper quantity is what it takes to look beautiful.  

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Is Lindsay Lohan Diet Plan Good Enough?