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Adam Gilchrist’s Gastronomic Delights and Diet

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Ever wondered what top cricketers eat to keep themselves fit? What is the secret behind Adam Gilchrist’s fitness even after retiring from international cricket? Many people believe that it’s as simple as child play for Gilly – he has three children who keep him on his toes all the time. He doesn’t need extra workouts. Jokes apart; Gilchrist is as serious with his diet and exercise regime as his dedication to cricket. He never gives up, no matter how many challenges (bouncers) are thrown at him.   

Adam Gilchrist Diet Secrets

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Gilchrist’s Sportsmanship and Greatness

One of the greatest left-handed wicket-keeper batsmen to have ever played in the world of cricket, Adam Gilchrist aka Gilly or Church on his day can ruin the happiness of any bowler of the opponent side. Adam Gilchrist has always been an outstanding member of the Australian cricket team. Sharper then ever, today Adam is a very relaxed man playing shorter versions of the game like Indian Premier League (IPL T20) and that too in perfect physical condition.

His unmatchable and immaculate style of hitting shots and hawk-eyed wicket keeping has earned him the fame that he truly deserves. Currently playing for Deccan Chargers in the IPL 3, Gilly is respected around the world for true sportsmanship (he once walked away even when the empire ruled him not out!) and charity work. He is an ambassador for the charity World Vision in India.

Gilly’s Cricket Diet and Fitness Secrets

So what is the gastronomic treat that ‘bowls’ him out? Adam is fond of Chinese food and loves all kinds of wines. His favorite meal or the food he is best at cooking is Venison with fennel seed, crisp vine leaves and bean cassoulet. Of course he maintains a healthy diet before and during tournaments. He also takes the necessary food supplements to complement the diet plan that he is on. Normally he eats between 5-8 meals that include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables apart from food with high proteins and carbs. Eating and drinking right can make a huge difference to how you play and perform on the pitch. Of Course, Gilly knows it better.

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Adam Gilchrist’s Gastronomic Delights And Diet